Thursday, March 3, 2016

BeAuTiFuL Sunset!

March 1, 2016
What an amazing sunset!  I was sitting in the mud room working on the computer when thankfully I glanced up and out the window to see the most spectacular sunset!  I hollered at the kids to come take it in too.  What a beautiful world we live in!  God sure did make it lovely for us.

Baseball in the Desert

The Hawks have changed their name to the Diamond Dawgs and I couldn't be happier!  The second generation of Dawgs will be just as awesome as the first I'm sure!
They played their first tournament - and the first time OUTSIDE this season - in St. George 
February 26 - 27, 2016.  They played teams from Las Vegas and St. George.  We played pretty good considering they have been playing outside for a long time.  We lost our first game - we were ahead in the second game and had one bad inning and let them kill us by seven points.  The third game we won - and the last game, again, we were ahead but had one bad inning and let them gain four points on us to win the game.  Honestly I think the boys were so excited with their new uniforms that they didn't even care too much about the games!
Sad we lost but it sure was nice to be back outside in warm 70 degree weather watching my favorite sport!

Kade C. rounding second base

Kyler B. at bat

Matt B. looking to run home

Kyler getting a little advice from coach Cloward at first base

Kade C. pitching

Luke D. (thing 2) playing catch

Luke D. (thing 1) at bat

Cade playing first

Cade at bat

Getting advice and criticism from the coaches after the tournament.

Valentine's Boxes 2016

We were gone to Anaheim over Valentines Day but the kids celebrated it on the Friday before.  Molly wanted a train so we made one together.  She made the cute little smoke like curly cue's coming out of the front and covered it with hearts she cut out and stickers.  Cade wanted a rocket.  I think it turned out looking more like a silo - - but oh well.  He liked it!