Saturday, March 18, 2017

Today We Said Goodbye to Miss Peaches

In May of 2011 we got the cutest little kitty from Jody Adam's mom JoAnn.  She was born in April and was the perfect age.  She was super scared when Jody brought her home to us.  She ran and hid between our railing and entertainment center.  When she was finally ready to come out, we locked her in our main bathroom for 2 or 3 days to litter train her.  She did so good and we fell in love with her.

Her lifelong dream was to be a house cat and every December - January - & February she had her dreams come true.  She would get to stay inside when it was too cold outside.  She LOVED taking naps under the Christmas trees.  She never bothered them or the ornaments - just liked to sleep under them.  She'd also jump up on the girls bed and sleep.  She was so cute!

She was the best tree climber and she would climb trees everyday.  When we lived at the cabin for 3 months while we were building the new house, she would stay in the screened in porch area.  When I would let her out everyday, she'd climb right up to the top of the trees!  She loved being outside just as much as she loved being inside.  She was the best mouser!

In the summer, she would lay behind our bushes or in the dirt of my flower beds to try and beat the heat.  When it was just too hot outside, I would bring her in and put her in my unfinished part of our basement so she could cool down.  I didn't want her shedding all over the rest of the house in the summer - yuck!

She would catch every mouse - bird - snake - grasshopper - and whatever else 
she could get her hands on!

She was the princess of our house and she knew it.  She knew that she ruled the roost.  She didn't like plain dry cat food, but she didn't really like plain wet, canned cat food either.  She liked a perfect mixture of the two.  And I totally catered to her.  She didn't love tuna or milk like most cats, she was just happy with her Meow Mix or Friskies cat food!
She had the most beautiful blue eyes ever!

John and Scarlet's family came up from Arizona for spring break and stayed with us.  Molly and Jacoby had been playing in the garage while I was at Cade's baseball games.  When we came home, Molly and Cob's had left a folding table and chairs out.  I pulled just about 1/3 of the way into the garage and was just going to park there.  But it was a beautiful 79' degree day and I didn't want the sun beating in my car windows.  So I told Cade to get out and move them.  I sat there waiting while he folded up the table and moved it.  Then while he moved the folding chairs, then finally he moved his scooter.  I realized that I was too close to the center of the garage and needed to move over.  In one fell swoop, I drove forward and to the side.  I felt a bump and wondered what the heck I had hit that I hadn't seen............. I looked in my side view mirror and to my horror I saw Peaches scurry out!  I was sick.
I was devastated.
Cade heard her scream when I first hit her and then he saw her run off towards Hales house.  I told him to run in the house and grab her kennel so I could get her to the pet hospital as soon as possible.  I ran off towards Hales house calling to her.  I couldn't see her and I was panicking!  I had walked past her without knowing and she started to cry again.  I turned around and ran back to her - she was under Emily's car that was parked on the side of their house.  I laid down on the ground and tried to coax her out.  She sat there with HUGE black pupils, panting like a dog, just staring off.  I kept calling to her to come to me.  She staggered up, weakly, and made her way out.  I put the kennel right in front of her and she went in but was unable to to pick up her back feet.  I could tell that her back was broke.  Poor baby!  I ran her back to my car and took off towards Payson Family Pet Hospital.  I called them on my way to make sure they were in because it was a Saturday.  
Thank goodness they were!  
Meanwhile Sidney had noticed that Cade was crying.  When she asked what the matter was, he told her to call me.  When she did, and I told her that I had ran her over, she started to cry and we both began sobbing.  It was horrible!  I told her to grab my money and meet me over there asap!  I kept talking to Peachy Cream the whole way, telling her how sorry I was and how much I loved her!  She just stared off with huge eyes and kept panting.  About 1 minute before I arrived, she slowly dropped her head down, eyes still wide open and still panting.  About 30 seconds before I arrived, she made a loud breath sound.  I don't know if she was taking a deep breath or letting out her final one... I cried even harder and kept telling her to hang on!  As I pulled in, they met me in the parking lot and rushed her in.  She soon came out and told me that she was still alive but they had to intubate her to help her breath.  I was willing to pay tons of money to have her fixed.  Surgery or whatever was needed.  Just so she could still be with us.  Then Sidney arrived and we just cried.  We were sick.  Minutes later, I ran to the restroom.  While in there, the nurse came back into the room and told Sidney that she hadn't made it!  She asked Sid if we wanted to take her home or leave her there.  Sidney said that we would take her home.  I came back in the room and Sidney told me the awful news.  Oh how my heart broke!  She was more than just a cat - she was my friend.  I loved her.  
She was part of our family and she played an important role.  
I DID NOT want to loose her!  But we just had!
Apparently what had happened was they had intubated her and were breathing for her, and they had just got a needle in one of her veins and gave her a dose of epinephrine when she went into cardiac arrest.  They even tried to do chest compressions but they could hear liquid in there.  Her lungs had filled with blood.  There was nothing they could do.

She used to greet me everytime I pulled into the garage.  She would wait by my door and when I would open it, she'd even have to move out of the way sometimes because she would be waiting so close to my car to say hi to me.  I know that since I had sat there for a minute, she figured I was done driving and made her way up to say HI to me.  She didn't even see my tire coming.
She didn't have a mark on her.  She was still just as white and pretty as always.  All her damage was done internal.  The vet wrapped her up in a blanked and placed her back in her kennel.  Sidney and I drove home and waited a couple hours more for Jeff to be done with his game.  Then we all went down to our old house and buried her there - behind the fence -  under one of the trees that she used to love to climb.
I couldn't hardly sleep that night.  Neither Molly or I had an appetite.  We cried the next day, and the next day after that.
We had her for 6 years but I planned on having her for like 6 more.  Unfortunately her little life was tragically cut short.  I can't believe how attached I was to her!  Of course everyone knew that I loved her to death but I don't even think that I realized how much I loved her until she wasn't there.
She may be gone but she won't be forgotten!

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Valentine's Day

For Valentines day, Molly decided on a cupcake for her box.  It turned out so cute!  I bought a wire basket from WalMart and accordion folded paper around it and hot glued it down.  I bought a styrofoam ball, cut it in half and stuck twisted up chunks of tissue paper into the styrofoam.  Molly painted another styrofoam ball red for the cherry on top.  I also cut a hole in the top of the styrofoam half that went all the way through so that the Valentines could just be dropped in by picking up the cherry and dropping them down the hole.  It turned out super cute!

Molly was so excited for school.  She picked out her pink and red outfit to wear so that she'd look as "valentiney" as possible.
I absolutely love this girls personality!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Winter Sunsets and Sunrises

One thing that I love about winter is the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.  They reds and oranges are always so bold and never disappoint!

Isn't this sunrise pretty!

Sidney's State Cheer Breakfast and Competition

January 21, 2017
Jeff and I had the cheer team over for breakfast again this year before they left for state.  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the food laid out before the girls starting eating but I didn't.  We had a waffle bar with syrup, Nutella, Biscoff, Peanut Butter, fruit topping whipped cream and powdered sugar to put on the waffles.  We also had bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, muffins, cinnamon rolls, fruit and yogurt.  Then we had milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, Diet Coke and water!

I love hosting this breakfast for them!

Their competition was held up at Salt Lake Community College.  These girls performed their little hearts out and pulled off a flawless routine.  But we only ended up taking 4th place which was a bummer because we should've taken 1st or 2nd for sure!  Our only real contender was Woods Cross and they took 1st.  Somehow, through a few mistakes and drops, Bountiful took 2nd and Skyridge took 3rd.  It's so buggy.  No I'm not a sore loser but our routine truly was technically difficult and flawless.  I don't get it.

58th Presidential Inauguration of our 45th President!

Jeff and I were able to check something off of his bucket list -  a Presidential Inauguration!
My cousin Gloria's son Billy was someone on Trumps election committee and he was also on the inauguration committee.  We were able to get tickets through him!
We flew out and stayed in Delaware with our friends Tim and Kristin Fowles.  We took a short 1 hour 30 minute train ride into DC.  The city was crazy with security.  A ton of the roads were shut down and businesses closed.  No cabs, no uber, no subways in or around the capitol.  You had to walk everywhere---which would have been no big deal but you couldn't even walk in a straight path.  This road was closed and that road was closed.  It was like walking through a maze pattern to get anywhere.  Jeff and I walked about 12 miles that day.  But it was still super neat to be there in person and feel the energy!

After the swearing in took place, we walked down Pennsylvania Avenue and waited 2 HOURS for the parade to start.  then once it started, we watched it for another 2 more hours before leaving to go sit somewhere - ANYWHERE!  The paraded typically last 3-5 hours and this one lasted about 3 & 1/2 hours.  We happened to watch it by one of Trumps hotels.  We didn't know it at the time but apparently the plan was for him to get out of his car by his hotel and walk down toward the White House.  We got THE BEST video footage of him, Melania and their son Barron.  I also got great footage of Ivanka, her husband and kids and Vice President Pence.  It was awesome!

We took our picture in front of his hotel.  It was a beautiful building!  The day was a little drizzly.  Light sprinkles on and off.  Sometimes we would wear ponchos and sometimes we didn't have to.

The next day we went into Philadelphia to tour around.  What an awesome city!  Its someplace that I definitely want to go back to.  I really need to spend days there!  We went and saw the LDS Temple, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  We didn't have enough time to wait to tour through Independence Hall so I need to go back to see that place too.  We went to a cool place called Redding Terminal.  It was just a giant hodge podge of eateries and trinket shopping.  We had lunch there and bought a Christmas ornament.

Inside Redding Terminal - which sits kind of under the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Funniest story ever!  Kristin to us to this super yummy cookie place in Redding Terminal.  (see the picture below)  There were cookies all lined up along the top and Jeff was telling the girl behind the counter what cookies he wanted.  He said, "I'll take 2 almond joy cookies - a chocolate chip cookie - 2 Reeses PENIS cookies - UH REESE PIECES COOKIES - a peanut butter cookie......."  I said, "UHHH, did you just say...?"  and he said matter of factly, "Yes I did.  I sure did."  We all busted up laughing!  Including the girl behind the counter and the man waiting in line behind us!  It was funny!


What a super fun trip!