Sunday, June 17, 2018

Kit Kat turns 11!

 My Miss Kit Kat turned 11 years old and I can't believe where all the time has gone!
We celebrated by having a movie night party.

I laid out red poster paper as the red carpet, welcoming the girls as they came in the front door. We made cute cupcake toppers for the cupcakes, I made a box of movie theatre treats, nachos and popcorn for the girls to have when we watched Jumanji.  But first they played Disney's Pictionary and then I divided the girls up into two teams and they had to come up with a two minute skit that we filmed and they got to watch them.  Molly opened presents and we had cake before settling down to watch the movie.  It turned out cute and they all had a great time.

Cade's Stock Show

Cade had fun doing the Junior Livestock Show again and his pig made a grundle - selling for $900!!!

Molly's Year End Show

Molly had her end of year show on her birthday!  She and another girl, Cher Jackson, from the studio, who was also turning 11 that same day, brought cake and cookies for the whole studio.  She has danced so well and improved so much this year.  Leann also retired at the show after 45 years of teaching dance.  Both of my girls loved learning from her.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Diamond Dawgs take home the championship!

 10-8 win

What a fun ride it has been for the Diamond Dawgs!  Jeff started this team 11 years ago when Jens was just nine years old.  He continued the team on for Cade.  Last night they played their last game together as a team.   A couple of the kids will be going to Spanish Fork and the others will try out for freshmen baseball in Salem this coming spring.

It was a great way to retire the Dawgs!  They had played well all season long and made it to the tournament.  They made it to the final UPG Championship game against Wasatch.  The Dawgs came out ready to play and in no time at all, it was the fifth inning and the score was 9-0 for us!  One more point and we'd win!  Luke Degraffenreid, who had pitched all game long was tired and needed to be replaced.  Kyler Baum went in.  Wasatch had his number picked and in NO time at all, they were hitting balls like they were coming off a tee.  They scored 6 runs, partially in part to errors on our part, in one single inning.  Their mouthy coach got tossed (we were all happy to see that) and we ended up taking the win with a score of 10-8.
One thing I won't forget about his game is the incredible play that Cade made at first.  A line drive ball was hit hard to right field.  With cat like reflexes, Cade reached out and snatched that ball right out of the air, making a great out!

Cade has grown so much this past year and gotten so much stronger and faster.  He has improved so much on his playing ability. I have loved seeing him progress and I have loved watching him play!

Cade at bat and Luke on the hill

Sammy at the plate making some great plays

Bottom row left to right: Tagg Argyle - Jack Evans - Carson Bills - Matt Beardall - Brody Duvall - Dylan Jensen

Top row left to right: Coach Higg - Sammy Richards - Kyler Baum - Cade Higginson - Luke Degraffenreid - Kade Cloward - Zayne Thornton - Monson Morley