Monday, October 8, 2018

Family Pictures 2018

The last time we took family pictures was 2 years ago before Jens left for Texas.  I really wanted to get them before the leaves started to change colors - but I had to wait for Jensy to get home in late August, then our lives were slightly crazy from that point on with his homecoming, school starting, Sidney starting school, our Texas trip, the fire, etc.  Anyway.... when we were finally able to get to them, a massive storm was coming in from the coast bringing rain from the hurricane that had hit the coast.  We had expected rain - everyday - for the next two weeks.  We raced to get them done and JUST as we got to our location, the rain began!m  We quickly took a few FAST snapshots in the rain and called it quits.  They turned out okay considering there was literally rain falling all around us.  We'll have to get them re-done as soon as the rain stops next week but in the meantime, these look pretty nice!
 (Just disregard the raindrops you see on Jeff and Cade's shirts)

Cade & Molly's Football Season 2018

This was a big year for Cade.  Everyone in Nebo District decided to move 9th grade football into high school football.  So no more city league football for my boy!  He's one of the big boys now.  He had high school football camp, wore the high school uniforms, played on the high school field and traveled all over to play.  It was a harder year physically for him and he learned SO much and progressed a lot in his abilities.  Molly did 6th grade cheer and had herself quite the time!  She of course loved every minute of it and wished she had practice and more games far more that what she did.  She's super cute to watch!

Monday, September 17, 2018

A Raging Inferno

When we flew out for our Texas trip, we left at about 7:15am.  By that afternoon, the smaller fire that had started up the mountain got completely OUT OF CONTROL by wicked winds and hot, dry conditions.  Before anyone knew it, there was an evacuation order for Woodland Hills, Elk Ridge and anyone else south of the high line canal..... which was us.  Cade was the only one in the family who didn't go to Texas.  He called me upset and worried.  I had him, my mom and Aunt Julie run to my house and get my scrapbooks, home movies, car titles and our other important documents.  Its a funny feeling when you consider what is irreplaceable and what isn't.  Those were the only things I was concerned about.  Everything else was replaceable.
The fires continued to burn out of control and spreading quickly.  The fire soon became the currently largest fire in the US.  It burned from Payson to Loafer to the backside of Tower, all through Spanish Fork Canyon and Birdseye, jumping the four lane highway, closing down Highway 6 and making its way up Diamond Fork, and over to Hobble Creek in Springville.  There were approximately 2,400 firefighters from all across the US fighting it.  Many prayers and fasting took place.  The winds died down and even when the winds were heavy, it didn't spread further down Loafer.  There have been accounts of firefighters who said that the wind was so strong that it almost pushed them backwards, yet the fire went in the opposite direction of the wind, keeping it contained.  I spoke with Karen Larsen about her pond because the helicopters were taking water from their ranch, which is up Loafer mountain.  They took bucket after bucket, all day long, day after day, and crazy enough, the pond never went down.  I thought for sure it would have been dry or at best, just a puddle.  But our prayers were answered and they water not only helped in the fight but it didn't even go down....  miracle after miracle.  After 9 days the residents were allowed to go back to their homes.  Not one person has been lost in the fire and not one structure has been lost!  Its truly been a miracle and an answer to prayer.

Taking Texas by Storm!

Jeff, me, Jens, Sidney, Molly, Grandma Julie, Scott & Jessica, Joel, Mark, Alli & Guss, John & Scarlett, Cooper Smith, Keyne Christensen, Nick Brumfield, Tyler (Mooch) Hanson and Ryan Stones all went back to Texas to see Jens' mission and watch Porter play for USC against Texas.  It was such a fun trip!  We met up with Jens' former companion, Mitchell Clark and his parents Brian and DeLight.  We were able to meet some of the people Jens served with who are still on their missions and some of the good people who cared for him while he was out.  Our first stay was in San Antonio.  We walked all around the Riverwalk and ate at a restaurant there.  It was such a pretty place!

Then we went to the Alamo and toured around that place.  It was neat to see that part of history.

The next day, Me and my girls along with grandma Julie, Scott and Jess drove the 2 & 1/2 hour drive up to Waco to see all of the Magnolia stuff.  We are all in love with all things Chip and Jo.  We all love the show Fixer Upper and were super excited to see it all!  Our first stop was the Silos, Bakery and the store.  We only waited about 10 minutest to get inside the bakery.  They have really thought it all through in making it all efficient for time.

While we were in Waco, Jeff, Jens and the boys toured more of JD's mission.  They stopped by the San Antonio temple and visited with Jens' mission president, President and Sister Polley.

Then we all met up and went to the USC vs Texas football game. Porter played really well and it was fun to see him back after his injury.  Porter ended up getting ejected from the game for targeting.... which he really didn't.  When you go back and watch the film, you see that he hit the guy in the shoulder area and then his helmet flew off.  It wasn't knocked off by Porter.  Oh well, after he got pulled, Texas seemed to make touch down after touch down and they won.  But all in all, it was still a great game and a super fun trip!