Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Red Barn Pumpkin Patch

We spent a fun but CHILLY day at Rowley's Red Barn Pumpkin Patch with my mom and my brother Brian's family.  Crazy enough---this was the FIRST time Brian and Diana have ever taken their kids to a pumpkin patch!  I about died when they said they'd never been!  So I of course HAD to take them there!  We all had lots of fun!

Moments after I took this picture of Molly and Julia going down the giant slide, another man and his two little kids went down, then Brian and I were going to go down.  While the man and his kiddo's were still on the slide, a giant gust of wind came up and flipped the slide up from the bottom up.  Much like a rug looks when you shake it.  They were just getting to the bottom so luckily it just rolled them right off to the right side.  Thankfully they weren't hurt!  We just headed back down and went down the littler slide instead!

After the "slide incident", we headed to the corn maze.  Molly get anxious over wind and really just wanted to go straight home!  But I made her stay, held her hand and we ran all through the maze.  (she was still a nervous wreck though)

After the maze we shot the apple cannon's, went through the bin maze and then picked our pumpkins.  It was just too cold and windy at that point to stay any longer so we got back on the wagon train and headed back up to the barn.  We bought some apples and donuts there, then everyone came back to my house for taco soup, and the donuts of course!  We watched movies and Julia and Ethan ended up spending the night.

While in the corn maze, Cade and Brendan picked loads of corn and FILLED their hoodies!  They had a couple pounds each!  And funny enough, they ended up with the corn going down their backs and down their pants and in their shoes.  They had corn in places where it doesn't belong, it was everywhere!  Ha Ha!

The Witches at Gardner Village!

 It has been way too many years since we've been to see the witches at Gardner Village.  We wandered around and had ourselves a fun time.  We bought a treat at the chocolate shop and spent WAY too much time in the holiday store.  That store is by far my favorite!  They have decor for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in there.  But my favorite part of it is all the villages.  Spooky Towns and Christmas villages galore!  I don't know why I didn't get more pics!

I've never been there to see the elves at Christmas time or the Fairies in the spring but they are on my bucket list for this year!  And when I go up for those, I'm definitely taking more pictures of the villages!