Monday, May 20, 2013

Jens' Last 9th Grade Game

Jens played his last game on May 15, 2013.  They were early in the state tournament and lost out.  They were an excellent team with tons on talent but they lost for a number of reasons.  

I'm not laying blame but his coach would cancel practice ALL the freaking time!  I used to think that he was crazy to cancel practice the day before a game or the day before a tournament game!

Jens looked right at me through the fence while I was taking this picture of him on second base and he smiled at me!  It was too funny not to keep!

The Hawks

So now that the Diamond Dawgs are done and they have all moved onto high school ball, Jeff started a team for Caden, called the Hawks.  It's 9U (all the kids are in 3rd grade except Jack Parry is in 4th) 
(he may have bitten off a little more that he wanted to chew with this team)

Cade at first.....

Kyler Baum at pitch....

Cade at bat....

Coach Higg with his team....

Mediterranean Cruise

Jeff and I went on a 5 day cruise to the Mediterranean with his company.  Agel had ran a promotion for people to reach these certain qualifications, and if they did then Agel would pay for their cruise.  As a result, the company soared and we had just under 800 Agel team members on the cruise with us.

Jeff and I flew to Barcelona, Spain, which was where the cruise left from.  We spent the day and the night there before we left on the cruise.  We tried to see as much as we could in those few hours.  Jeff took me to some of his favorite places.  One place that I really wanted to see was the Segrada Familia Cathedral.  It has being built since 1862 and it's STILL under construction.  It still has yet to be completed.  It is the most unique cathedral that I've ever seen.  Each side of the church is different in looks.  This is my favorite side.  It's so weird looking!

It looks dark and kinda scary outside but inside was amazing!

 The stained glass windows were so pretty!

This spiral staircase reminded me of a sea shell.

I looked directly up at the ceiling and took a picture of it.  It was so cool.  The architecture in these old cathedrals totally intrigues me.  The high ceilings and the tall walls, makes me wonder how they built them back in the day without cranes and machinery to do the work for them.

This building is just outside the cathedral.  It was used as a school for the builders children.  The building itself is really interesting.  The walls and the roof are both wavy.

This picture shows how wavy the roof is.

I loved Barcelona.  It's such a beautiful city.  The streets are all tree lined and there are plenty planter boxes of flowers and bushes.  It's actually quite green for being a huge, major city!

All the buildings were beautiful and had ornate details on them.  I kept looking at the apartments there in the city and I kept thinking what a beautiful place these people lived in and they didn't even know it.

We went to this Gaudi cathedral in the Gothic center.

It was quite old inside and darker than the Segrada Familia.

The next day we got on our ship which was the Norwegian Epic.  It was the biggest ship that I've ever been on.  There were hot tubs, pools, water slides and a rock climbing wall.  None of which I even stepped foot in.......  Not with 800 Agel team members around!

We were on a private floor that you couldn't even get to without a room key.  We had our own private pool, hot tubs, work out room, spa and restaurant.  They were WONDERFUL!  It was total luxury.

We had a suite and it was MASSIVE - as far as cruise ship rooms go that is.
You walked into our living room with a couch pull out that slept 2.  

Right inside our front door there was another bedroom with a couch bed that slept 2 more.  It had a closet, TV and a bathroom in it.

 This is the bathroom in that room.

Here is our master bathroom.  Two sinks, a deep tub and a huge shower!

Our bedroom

Jeff and the guys spent nights in the casino and every single one of them came away winners!  Scott won like $2000 and Jeff won something like $600.  Sam won around $200.  The Bradley's all won too.

Our first stop was in Marseille, France.

The buildings were beautiful and ornate with lots of rod iron on them.

 We took a taxi up to this big old church on top of a hill.

Jeff, Me, Jeff and Jessica Warwick, Richard and Nalani Holt at the cathedral.

This is the view down from the cathedral.

The inside was so pretty.  To me, walking through a cathedral is almost like walking through a museum.  I don't feel the spirit there, but I think they are interesting and pretty to see.

We walked down from the cathedral and the roads were soooo steep!  It felt like I was going to fall forward.  We all had our calves and shins killing us by the time we were down.  It only took about 25 minutes but it sure felt way longer because it was so steep. 

We walked down to a little cafe and ate lunch.

Our next stop was in Palma, Spain.  
Jeff was too tired to get up and get off the ship so I went without him.

We saw this massive cathedral but didn't go inside.

We drove about 20 minutes up the mountainside to this quaint little village on the hillside called Valdemossa.  It was really a stunning place!  I would totally live there.  It would be so easy to live in this beauty and make the short 20 minute or so drive down to the city where the department stores are.

The streets were beautiful.

They say if you dig up a rock there, 2 more show up in it's place.  So they use rock for everything.  For the homes, the sidewalks, the roads, the fences, etc.

I want to live on this street!

It was early on Saturday morning when we got there.  The town was not really even awake yet.  We stopped in this little pastry shop and we got us some pastries.

I want this door to be mine!

In this village they grow olives, almonds, oranges and lemons.  This shop had some fruit out for sale.  The green leaves still on the oranges.  I bet they were so delicious!  I didn't buy any because I was in such a rush to get off the ship that I didn't take ANY money with me!  Neither did Sam, Scott, Craig, Jeremiah, or Zach!  I had to bum some from Jeff and Jessica Warwick.

I was walking back toward our tour bus and I came upon this beautiful garden.

It was green and lush.

The sidewalks were lined with hedges and there were roses that were growing in between the hedges.

These tall trees were also all through the garden.

We went to this place called Palza de Toros.  It's like a miniature Roman Colosseum.  They used to have bull fights here.

Sam down in the middle where the bull fighters would perform.  If you stood in the middle of the arena, you could hear conversations of the people sitting up in the stands.  The sound carried so well.

Then there was this castle up on the hill.  
Chopin and his mistress spent time here.

It was so fun to see so many beautiful places.  Europe is beautiful.  I love my time there!