Sunday, March 15, 2015

Good Morning Beautiful!

Wow was it ever beautiful this morning or what!  
This sunrise was too pretty.  We had to sit and look at.  It only lasted just a minute or two but I'm so glad we got some pictures of it.

I LOVE Watching these Boys of Mine Play Ball!

I love watching MLB baseball games ~ but not one of those games could compare to the joy and excitement I get when I was Jens or Cade play.  It's been so much fun to watch them develop, grow and become stronger.

Uncle Scott had gone over to talk to Jensy during one of his games and their profiles looked so much alike that I had to take a picture of them.

Jens and Cade have each played 2 tournaments in St. George this spring.  In both cases the Salem Hills Skyhawks took the whole tournament!

These boys were all Diamond Dawgs at one time!

Sidney had an EDC dance competition in St. George the same weekend as Jens' second tournament down there.  I watched Sidney dance all day and then we went to watch the end of the championship game. (by the way, Sidney's team took 2nd place in all four of their dances.)

 SHHS Skyhawks with their tournament champion shirts.

During one of the tournaments in St. George, Nick Brumfield came over to watch them play and I had to get a picture of the Diamond Dawgs again!

Preference March 14, 2015

Jens got asked to Preference by Emily Jones

I used to love coming home or answering the door to find an invitation to a dance when I was in high school.  It's still just as fun to see my kids get asked and to help them come up with ways to ask out.

Cade's 5th Grade Science Fair

Cade's St. George Tournament

Cade has had a couple different baseball tournaments in St. George this spring.  The first one was the last week of February and the second one was the last week of March.  They have improved so much since last year.  They lost two games in the last tournament.  But really they should have only lost one.  They were ahead in the game but the umpire made Jeff switch the pitcher mid inning.  He said that he had reached his allotted innings.  Jeff argued and said that he had not but had to switch him out.  We ended up losing the game by 2 runs.  Later after the game, the umpire came up to Jeff and apologized and said he had checked on the rule and he was wrong.  That the pitcher could have stayed in longer ~ but it was too late.  We had already lost.

Kade C. pitching

Cade at first base

Zayne T. at catch

Cade at first

Luke D. rounding third base and looking to score at home

 Cade getting a little advice from his coach!

Kyler B. at bat

 Cade at bat