Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cade's 5th Birthday Party

For Cade's 5th birthday I did a construction party. His invitations turned out really cute. The bed of the truck could lift up, revelaing all the information.
His friends

I put all of his gifts in a wheelbarrow

We played a couple of games like truck relay races,

and rock toss

I put mint chocolate chip ice cream in the cup then put caramel sauce on top. I crumbled Oreo cookies on top of that. I stuck a licorice in the ice cream and re-froze it. You could carry the cup by the licorice handle. I told the kids it was a bucket of asphalt.

Eating our asphalt dessert

Each of the kids got to take home their own set of construction toys

Dog Food: Mmm Mmm Good!

Okay, I know that this is sick and normally I DO NOT let this go on. But for the sake of the picture, I let it go on for just a minute. Molly loves dog food. I know. Disgusting. But still the same, she likes it. Every time Jamie & RJ's garage door is open, Molly runs in and chows down on dog chow! She comes out a second later and I see crumbs of dog food running down her chin. Then we have to go wash her mouth out.
She got a had full

Molly chewing away on her yummy treat

Jamie made her spit it out. Is this gross or what?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Last Friday I got together with some friends that I've have since I was a kid. We met at one of their houses and then went out to dinner. We always have such a great time laughing all night! I have been friends with some of these girls since I was 4 years old! They are all amazing and I am so lucky to have them!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Agel's annual Black Tie Event 2008

Each year Jeff's company has their annual convention with in the fall. Jeff is over planning the entire convention -- with help of course. Everything from who will speak to where the Black Tie dinner will be to what MAJOR FUN event they will do for their diamonds. Last year, the dinner was held at Hotel Park City. The next day all the top income earners (diamonds) went on a horseback ride through the mountains of Park City and they had a 4 star hotel cater the luncheon in the woods, with an orchestra playing in the background. So neat. The year before the dinner was held at the Stein Erickson Lodge and for the next day event, they got up at the crack of dawn and went hot air ballooning over Park City, then they hired the US Ski Jumping team to come to Park City and put on a show for the diamonds. Then they all got to ride a bobsled down the mountain! This year the dinner was held at LaCaille!! It was soo beautiful! For the next day event, they got 32 Mustang GT's (racing ones), had them all decked out in Agel decalls, and had a police escort from the Grand America hotel to the Miller Moter Sports Park. Everyone pulled off the street for them to pass through. The police stopped all traffic so they didn't have to stop at traffic lights. Then they got to race the cars around the track! They also did some other acitvites there. Now you have to remember, some of these diamonds are from Australlia, Columbia, Portugal, England, etc and many have NEVER been on a horse, raced a car been in a hot air balloon, etc to this is an amazing experience for them---and us too!

Jeff & I, along with his assistant and her husband went to LaCallie a few months ago to pick the menu. We did a delicious job. We always have a hard time picking the wine list though! We just take what the resturant suggests! The only thing that is bad about rich food is the portion size. Notice that the steak is smaller than the lemon wedge...

This is what is was set up like for the dinner. I have yet to ever bring a camera along with me to one of these events. ME! The camera happy person that I am. So I pulled these pictures off of my friend's blog, who is the CEO's assistant. Maybe next year I'll wise up and take my camera with me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Jens, Jaxon & Chase

After Jens finished his game, his cousin's Jaxon and Chase played right after him.

Jens' Game

Boy did we get spanked tonight! Jeff is coaching Jens' baseball team. It's a new team and we have only played 3 games together. The team we played tonight has been playing together for 3 years. I guess once we have been playing together longer, we'll be great too. Until then, I guess we are going to loose a few games.