Monday, June 17, 2013

Princess and the Pea

My friend Shasta did a Princess and the Peas shoot in my backyard early one May morning.  There is nothing prettier than my backyard at any time of the day but especially in the morning.  The sun peeps through the trees and sends the most serene light.  I love the sun in the trees in the early morning.   

These pictures of my Miss Molly Cat are so precious!

I want to eat Molly with a spoon!

Molly's Kindergarten Graduation May 17, 2013

 Molly absolutely loved kindergarten!  
She loved her teacher Mrs. Tischner, she loved her classroom, she loved her friends, she loved centers, She loved rotations, she loved feeling big and smart and she loved Hayden Banks!  He is the cutest boy she ever saw!
Her graduation was darling and they dedicated it to the Veterans.  

Molly got to say her favorite part of Kindergarten which was rotations.  Rotations happen each Thursday when some room moms come in and the kids rotate in groups to the different moms and learn different things.

One of the moms made two quilts and had the kindergarten kids each paint their hand print on them and they gave the quilts to the Veterans that day to be donated to the new Veteran's home in Payson.  

Molly getting her diploma

Mrs. Reta Tischner and Molly

Some of her good friends in school

Molly and her best friends ever:  Cambrie Peterson - Andrea Johnson - Brynn Bailey

Sidney and her Friends