Monday, April 4, 2016

Big JD's Senior Pictures!

Annual Neighbor Easter Party!!!

Wow ~ wow ~ wow!
I broke all records this year!
1,777 filled eggs!
The most I've ever had.  Although this yard is longer and bigger than my old yard so it didn't look like quite as many.  My party was held the Friday after Easter on April 1, 2016.

Elders Taylor and Durfee came by to have dinner with us at the party.  They got here an hour before anyone else and helped set the eggs out.  They thought I was absolutely crazy!  
Best compliment ever ~ That way I KNEW that it was totally awesome!
We have had Elder Taylor (Dale, from St. Augustine, FL) serving in our area since November.  Elder Durfee, ( from Coeur d'Alene, ID) is new.  Only been here a few weeks.  They come by quite often to visit and have dinner.  We have loved having them!

All my little hunters ~ including the missionaries!

All the eggs had candy - but some had money and prize tickets in them too.

Gustin was OVERJOYED that he got a prize ticket in his egg.  The prize he picked was Mr. Potato head.

I invited my old neighbors and my new neighbors.  It was a full house!  But so much fun.

Easter 2016

We had been in St. George for Jens' high school baseball tournament.  We set our Easter baskets out before we left so that the Easter bunny could still come to our house instead of having him come to us in St. George.  JD was staying with the team in a different hotel than us so Easter Sunday morning, we all got up and got headed for home.  About 20 miles north of Parowan - basically in the middle of nowhere - the school bus broke down.  Thankfully we were just about a half hour behind the bus.  We stopped and put a bunch of the boys luggage in the back of the truck.  Eric & Shelly Smith were right behind us as well.  They took several of the boys in their car.  Parents eventually picked up all the boys and got them home.  It was H O U R S before the bus was fixed and the driver could get home.  I felt so darn bad for him.

When we walked in the door, we found our Easter!

While we were in St. George, in between some of Jens' games, Sidney and I drove down to Las Vegas to find her a prom dress.  Sidney was so excited to come home and put it on that she didn't even touch her Easter stuff.  I didn't even get a picture of her!  I feel bad!

Preference 2016

Preference for the kids was on March 19, 2016

Dad bought Sidney 2 dresses last year on sale while he was out shopping at the mall.  He got a steal of a deal.  He bought each dress for......... drum roll please...... $11.00!!!  The store was closing so they were just getting rid of inventory.  It was our lucky day.
This is one of those dresses! I couldn't believe how pretty they were and they both fit her perfectly!  She wore one of them for Preference and she looked stunning!  I did her hair and makeup.

Saylor - Isabelle - Cecily - Sidney

Sidney took her boyfriend Brook Viatohi

Katie Grass took JD
I felt bad that I wasn't home to see Jens get picked up because I was the photographer for Sidney's group date and had to be in Orem at the Riverwoods to take the pictures before their dinner reservations at Tucanos.  So I have lots of pics of Sid's group but only a few of Jens.  Jens looked handsome as always and his date was really pretty.  He had a great time.  His biggest laugh of the night....... was harassing Katie on her driving skills!

Sidney's group:
Left to right and top and bottom at the same time:
Saylor Callister & Justin Jolley (black & floral dress)
Miley Houghten & Tallin Mortensen (coral dress)
Isabelle Beifuss & Josh ....... (short black dress)
Sidney & Brook
Cecily Yates & ........ Griffiths (lavender dress)
Natalia Oveson & Vili Wolfgram (royal blue dress)

This one is my favorite picture of Jens and his date.  I like his smile.

Sid & Cec
because they've been "besties" since they were 4 years old

The one MAJOR downfall of the date:
Miley was driving my car because she has had her licence the longest..... darn it all, she was backing out of Vili's driveway and backed into a tree.  Like a HUGE super tall, giant trunk - tree.  My poor tail light just hangs out, so we red-necked it up and duck taped it in until I can get it fixed.