Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lake Pend O'Reille

We left for our annual Sandpoint, Idaho trip on Friday June 21, 2013.  We didn't come home until Sunday July 7, 2013.  It was just over 2 weeks of total enjoyment!  We relax, cook amazing dinners and delicious desserts.   We play in the sand and the water.  We read books, and LAUGH the whole time!  We all love this trip each year.

We rent the same house each year.  It's our little piece of paradise.

Cade is our guppy.  He spends more time under the water than anywhere else.  Everyone asks him if he wants to ride in the boat, or on the tube or on the jet skis and he just says, "No thank you.  I'm having fun right here."  And by "right here" he means under the water. 

Jens brought his and Cade's float tubes and he and Garrett used them a lot for fishing.

Cade was happy to fish from the dock.

The first week was cold and stormy.

Brandt got Molly all set up to fish.

One rainy evening everyone jumped in the lake and had a blast!

There was lots of shoving in too!

That was a fun evening.

Molly - Bella - Stella

Cade also liked the canoe.

Jens and Brandt in the tube.

Jack and Conner Weight

Sidney and Hannah

Bella, Molly and Andrea

Molly and Andrea had a great time.  They were laughing and having a blast but Bella was VERY nervous and super concerned.  We ended their ride early. 

Jens and Brandt again.

Sidney and Hannah on the jet ski.

Jamie and Reed

Grace and Sidney

There were a million bugs there for some reason this year.  I've never seen it like that before.  Molly had fun catching them.

Cade found a really pretty rock in a heart shape.

On Sunday June 30 we went up to Switzer Mountain.  We took the tram to the top.

We had a great view of the lake from the top.

We have toooo many kids!

Lake Pend O'Reille

We rode the tram back down and got the kids some treats.  Then they all wanted to mine for gold.

On July 4th we made tie dyed T-Shirts

The girls made lots of festive treats.

They made a red - white - and blue drink

They made a flag out of fruit

And they made flag strawberries and chocolate dipped Oreo cookies

THEN...... all of Cade's dreams came true!  He has been begging me to go skinny dipping for years so on the evening of the 4th, I let him!  All the other kids were in the front of the house playing basketball so we had the lake all to ourselves.

 Funniest damn thing I've seen ALL SUMMER!
He had such a white butt.  It glowed in the water!  He kept saying, "Ohhh!  This is wonderful!  I feel so free!  This is the best!"
He cracks me up!

 The kids in their shirts that they made.  They all turned out really good!

And I had to put this selfie in her. 
 I've laughed until I cried and peed my pants a little.  Too funny.  Have to laugh at myself!