Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Reno Lake Tahoe Tournament

July 3-7, 2014
We had a Diamond Dawg reunion tournament in Reno, Nevada.  It was the most fun trip!  We had all been looking forward to it for months!  We spent July 4th playing in the tournament in the morning and afternoon.  That night we went to dinner and then we watched fireworks from our hotel.  We stayed at the Nuggett Casino.  Thousands of people came there to watch the firework show.  There were food and craft vendors in the back of our hotel.  It was the place to be!

The boys got together from all the different high schools that they go to now and had a blast playing together again. 

They played great but ended up only taking 3rd place in the tournament.

Kiera Hamblin and Molly had the best time gathering pine cones and trying to sell them for a penny each.  They only sold one......... but they were happy just to be playing together again.

The setting for the ball fields was so spectacular!  The pine trees were giant!

Coach Brook Christensen wasn't able to attend the tournament so Craig Callister coached 1st base.

We all went down to the lake on the North side and played in the water for the rest of the day.  That lake is so beautiful!  The water is amazing in color.

Vicky Ashcraft drove up from Roseville, CA to watch the games.  Her home is only about 1 & 1/2 hours away.  It was so fun to spend some time with her.  Cade still thinks she's the coolest ever!

 All the kids were on the hunt for crawdads.

The kids spent most of their time jumping into the lake from these rocks.

Pictured left to right: Devin Argyle - Riley Daniels - Riley Pierce - Tanner Hamblin - Mason Bigler - Nick Brumfield - Jens Higginson - Cooper Smith - Colton Lundell - Keyne Christensen - Sam Callister

My niece Katelyn and her friend Kristen Young came along to watch the games.  Everyone had a blast!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Payson Lakes - July 1, 2014

Every summer the neighbors drive up to Payson Lakes and have lunch and let the kids play in the lake. 

The Parry's were out of town so we missed them this year.  But we went with Adam's, Johnson's, Knudsen's and Overbay's.

 Pictured left to right:
Kaylie - Ashton - Sidney - Emily - Hannah (with Leah photo bombing in the background!)

Aleknagik, Alaska Fishing Trip June 2014

June 14 - 22, 2014
Jeff, Jens, Uncle Gary, Craig and Sam Callister along with the Trapnell's and another dentist friend of theirs from Arizona flew up to uncle Gary's private island that he owns in Alaska.  They took a big Delta plane into Anchorage and then they took a little puddle jumper to the island.

Flying to uncle Gary's island.  You can see it right here in the middle - left side of the picture.

They saw some really neat wildlife.

And the scenery that they were in was breathtaking.

They went out lake fishing for a couple of the days and caught a lot of salmon.


Jens' best friend Sam Callister with some of his catches!

Sam and Jens with some fish they caught.

Even though it was in June, it was only in the 50 degrees range and rainy.

Craig Callister with one of his fish.

Pictured left to right:
Jens - Jeff - Sam - Craig

Dr. Trapnell and his 2 sons.

They also did some river fishing.  

As much as they loved fishing everyday, what they loved most was going back to the lodge each night and having dinner cooked for them, playing cards and laughing all night.