Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Four Wheeling

We went four wheeling up the canyon last Friday with my dad. The trees had started to change colors and look so pretty. The temperature was in the 80's and it was perfect!

We stayed on this path because the Rhino is a bit wider than our four wheeler and it was just safer with the kids in the back. It was a pretty little path. We took it clear to the top of the mountain.

When we reached the top there was this little pond. Molly found a little pool of muddy water in the "road", sat down and had a ball playing in the mud.

I had brought an extra pair of PJ's so that is what she ended up wearing home. My dad had heard that Ted Bundy had carved his name is some quakie trees somewhere up there. He had looked in a few different groves before but had been unable to find it. We looked in this pretty little grove of trees and look what we found......

Kind of made me feel a little creepy that I was standing in the same spot and touching the same tree that a serial killer had touched. Simply because it is in such a deserted place. Yuck. What a sick-o. I have to agree with the person who carved their thoughts about him above his name.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miss Molly (and cade too)

My friend Alli Johnson took these pictures of Molly in July when she was here visiting. My friend Shasta made Molly this tutu for her 2nd birthday and I had been checking out these giant dandelions for quite some time and just had to have them all together in a picture. They turned out so darling!

I had taken Cade with me to take the pictures. He could not stand not having his pictures done, so we ended up taking his too. The dandelions that he was blowing looked really neat in the picture. Thanks Alli for always doing such a fabulous job!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cade turns another year older

We had the cutest party for Cade's birthday this year. We had a fireman party. I told the kids how when the fireman go out on a call, they have to get their special clothes on really quickly so we played a relay game doing the same thing. The kids divided into two teams and had to put on pants, a shirt, a hat and shoes and then race around the "fire" as fast as they could.

Then we had a real fireman and a real firetruck come to our house. Lights and sirens and all. He showed the kids his special clothes and all about the firetruck.

He let each one honk the big loud horn and turn on the sirens.
He showed the kids how the hoses work.

He talked about how heavy their clothes were and he let each one try on the coat so that they could see just how heavy it was.

He got tons of awesome presents.

And the cutest cake too.

When it was time to leave he gave everyone their goodie bag. Each one had things like playdoh, a fire rescue car or a toy fireman, candy, and glitter balls. Really cute and the kids thought the fireman was way too cool.

No, it really didn't taste good

The other day I left my kids with my neighbor girl to babysit. I guess you could say that she is kindof a tomboy. My kids love her because of that. She'll take them fishing, play ball with them, ya know, that kind of thing. Well, this particular day she took them down to the river and they happened to catch a crawdad. I have always told my kids that if they kill something, they better be eating it! That pretty much solved the problem of Jens wanting to shoot tweety birds just for the heck of it. Well, if you look closely at the pictures you'll notice that it is missing one claw. I guess that my kids were the cause of that so they decided they better eat it. So Gus, my sitter took them inside, got a pot of water boiling and tossed the poor thing in! Then she cut it's head and body off and served up the tail portion to them all! Sick! Now I have eaten crawdads before -- but only when they were prepared by chefs! Not by 12 year old kids. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Molly reaches two UNIMPORTANT milestones

Well my little 2 year old Miss Molly has reached 2 totally non-important milestones in her little life. #1 On Sunday she said her first swear word. Sadly true, we were in sacrament meeting when she dropped her cookie and it broke all over. She proceeded to say, "Oh my hell!" in her little lisp voice. And sitting right in front of us was none other than a couple in my ward who are very religious and kind. Golden and Diane. I am sure their ears burned. I just ignored Molly and hoped she wouldn't say it again. She did. Many times. Thankfully though it was not until AFTER church. Milestone #2 I went to my brothers house on Monday night to give him and 2 of his kids haircuts. While I was downstairs cutting their hair, my 4 year old niece was upstairs cutting Molly's hair. Sadly true again. Molly lost a few big curly locks that night. Thankfully most of the cuts were underneath and in the middle of her head. Her hair is really curly so it hides it quite well.