Monday, July 31, 2017

Great Grandma Higgy's dresses

Grandma LaVern and Grandpa Ralph
After grandma died, the parents went through all her things.  Each sibling took a turn taking home her engagement, wedding and other dresses.  The granddaughters dresses up in them and we did an impromptu photo shoot - in the backyard - with our cell phones!  But I couldn't let the opportunity pass by!
This is their engagement picture.

Sidney is in the green satin dress
Katelyn is in her wedding dress
Averi is in her black engagement dress that she is wearing in the top picture
Each dress is about 80 years old

10 year old Miss Molly in her great grandmother's wedding dress

Ellie is in a yellow dress that I think was her prom dress, Molly is in her wedding dress and Cade is wearing her fathers top hat - so basically he's wearing his great great grandfather, Chris Nelson's top hat.  Cade is just 13 in this picture and that hat was tiny.  It's sitting just on top of his head.  Chris must've been a smaller guy.


June 1-6, 2017
Jeff, Sidney and I flew to Panama.  It was the first time that any of us had ever been there.  It was NOT what I expected.  It was a huge, bustling city.  I mean ~ after all, there one once a man named Manuel Noriega!  Drug money can build a lot of things!  Ha ha!
We stayed at Planet Hollywood.
Jeff was taking a new job for a company called Fuxion, which is based out of Peru.  This was their convention and he was going to be announced there.
Jeff had met with his prior assistant, Julie and offered her a job, never disclosing the name of the company or where it was located or what they would be doing.  She accepted still and even got on the plane to fly down there, still in the dark about what is was she'd be doing!

We saw a picture of this sign and we just had to find it and take a picture there!  I love it!

We went into Old Town.  It was more like what I thought the whole country would be like.  But I have to say, it was my favorite part.  Beautiful old buildings, cobblestone streets, little shops, I loved it!

Looking back at the city from Old Town ~ it was really pretty!

One thing that I wish I could've gotten a picture of were all the cats that were just wandering around all over the place in Old Town.  They were everywhere!  But it was just too dark to get them photographed.

We stopped for dinner in this little Italian place and had some delicious pizza!  This waiter was "super nice & friendly".  I'm SURE it's because he was after MY hot body!
Sidney and Julie were just there...... ha ha ha!
He even brought us complimentary drinks!  How sweet of him.  Then he wanted to take pictures with us......  After we told him thank you for the drinks but that we didn't drink and that Sidney was ONLY 17, that Julie and I were each married.  That Julie had 3 kids, I had 4, and that Sidney was my daughter.  His words were, "Oh my Go....."  He realized he wasn't going to end up with one of our numbers or a date afterwards and he wasn't so helpful after that and we became normal customers!  Ha Ha Ha!

We went to see the Panama Canal before heading to the airport.  It's one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  It really is fascinating how it operates.  I'm glad we got to see it!

 I had to take a picture of these clouds on the plane ride home.  It looked like someone had spilled popcorn all over the sky.  I've never seen clouds like it before!

Last Day of School Horse Accident.....

May 26, 2017
On the last day of school, Andrea invited Molly to go horse back riding with her family up Payson Canyon.  She was so excited to go!  They hauled the horses clear up.  Molly and Drea brushed the horses and just had fun being with them.  Then they started off on their ride.

 They hadn't made it very far when they came to a part of the trail that was very narrow downhill slope with another steep slope off on the side that lead down to a stream.  Andrea was in the saddle and Molly was riding off the saddle just behind her.  The horse started to trot down the hill and was bouncing the girls pretty good.  Andrea had the advantage of holding onto the saddle horn but Molly was on her own.  She was bouncing quite a bit and got bounced right off - and she had such a tight grip around Andrea, that she pulled her off with her!  Both girls went tumbling down the slope and right into the stream!  Molly was devastated!  As you can see from the look on her face!  Poor baby girl!  They were both super wet and had their fair share of bumps and scrapes.

RJ MADE Molly get back on the horse to ride it out, which I'm really grateful for.  She was scared to get back on at first but she did and all in all, she had a great time!  She was super sad that one of her nails got broken, ha ha!
When they got back to the truck, They stripped off their soaking wet pants and tied RJ's big jackets around their waists.  Molly said when she took off her boots, that water ran out of them!
Jamie doctored up their scrapes and they came home with a few bruises and a great story to tell1

Spring on Loafer

This mountain is one of my favorites.  It's just majestic - no matter what time of year it is!

Diamond Dawgs 2.0

We changed our name back to the Diamond Dawgs.  I just really like it better than the Hawks.  Cade has really grown this summer and improved his skills.  He's been super fun to watch play!