Friday, June 19, 2009

Cade got CAUGHT!

Last night I left my kids with my babysitter, Brooke for the evening. When I got home she told me the funniest story. The kids had been out playing in the water so when it was time to come in, my 5 year old Caden just went straight into the shower. He was in there for forever and Brooke was thinking, "What the heck is he doing? He's a boy. Boys don't take this long to shower. It's not like he has to shave his legs or condition his hair." So she hollered in the door to him to hurry up and get out. About 10 minutes later he was still not coming out. She hollered again to him and he wouldn't answer. She yelled through the door, "Cade you better get out now or I'm coming in!" ....No answer. "Cade! I'm coming in!" She walked in the bathroom and told him to get out again and still no answer. So she pulled the shower curtain back to find him curled up in a ball, sound asleep, shower running and the tub was plugged! The water was full up on him and she freaked for just a second thinking he had drowned! She grabbed at him and shook him and yelled CADE! He woke up with a jolt, saw her, realized that he was naked and got so mad! He yelled at her, "Get outta here you sick-o! You sick person! I hate you! Get out!" Needless to say, Brooke and I have laughed and laughed over his reaction!
I told Cade that it served him right for that to happen because just the night before, Jeff had his baseball team over for a party. Cade came walking out into the crowd of 10 boys (ages 10 & 11) and says, "Hey guys look! I have Sidney's underwear!" He holds up a hand full of Sid's underwear that he had got out of her drawer. (she is 9 and goes to school with these boys) She was soooo dang embarrassed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fancy Summer Haircuts!

I took the boys out back to buzz their hair off. I got this far with Cade's haircut and took off the drape and told him he was done! He laughed and laughed. He thought that it was so funny. So he wore it like this for a little while.

He showed the neighbors and they laughed too.

Then I took Jens over to cut his and left it the same way. He let me take this picture and then he said, "Okay, enough, now finish my hair." He is too old for is own good. He is a 35 year old man trapped in an 11 year olds body.

Scout Camp

Jens had his first week long scout camp. He was pretty excited to go and said he had a great week. He earned 8 merit badges!

He had a baseball game on the last night of the camp so Jeff and I rode up the canyon and picked him up a couple of hours before the camp was over. Pictured here are Tyus and Jens.

Here is the rope bridge that they made.
There was this H U G E rope swing that the boys could play on. I don't even know how or who climbed up that tree to tie the rope on.Caden had a good ol' time swinging on it for a few minutes. He would let out this giggle/yell when he would swing out. It was like a giant swinging ride at an amusement park. He loved it.

Our ward always teams up with a Tongan stake whenever we do activities such as this. So with the Tongans help for the boys cooking merit badge, they dug a pit and cooked a pig in the ground.

The other group roasted theirs over the pit. They would take turns turning it for several hours.

This close up picture of it is not for the faint at heart or for animal activists! Just keep in mind the next time you pick yourself up some Black Forrest ham at the grocery store or decide to play football, that it all came from the same animal. SO NO COMMENTS ON ANIMAL CRUELTY! But I will admit that it is pretty gross and I would NOT want to be the one who stuck that stake through it.

Our troop of boys getting ready for dinner

In addition to the pigs, they did dutch oven tilapia, dutch oven cheesy potatoes, spaghetti, hot dogs and they roasted some potatoes in the pit with the pig too.

Poor little Garrett went through the line and jokingly said that he'd like to go ahead and have the pigs tongue. Well they didn't even hesitate and gave it to him. AND HE ATE IT! He seriously almost threw up. He said the texture was icky and that it tasted like a butt. Now I don't know how he knows what a butt tastes like, but I'll take his word on it!

Caleb got a potato from the pigs pit and when he opened it up, it was was this sick dried up, over cooked piece of gunk. And unlike Garrett, he DID NOT eat it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dang that SWINE FLU!

Well we should be sitting on the sunny, sandy beaches of Cancun RIGHT NOW! But no, we are here instead. I had no sooner spent $500 on my kids' passports and 360,000 of Jeff's sky miles for our plane tickets when the swine flu breaks out. The flu is the flu whether it is the bird flu, the swine flu or the regular old influenza flu. We should be drinking pina coladas at this very moment!
(SIDE NOTE: I guess that it is a good thing that we didn't end up flying out yesterday because Jeff has not been feeling well for a couple of days. We finally took him in to be seen last night and he has pneumonia!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a Bad Day

I am on a war path today and you know what? I am taking NO PRISONERS! Everyone is GOING DOWN!!! I have sworn A LOT today. And I have felt better and better with each word I've said! I wake up and open my blinds to find that my yard has been toilet papered. We clean that up and move on to Sidney's room. Sidney's room is getting the bead board, trim and ceiling painted today. (the walls tomorrow) So I needed to haul her dresser out, the mattress and box springs, take the bed apart, remove all the stuff off her walls and wipe it all down. (now keep in mind that this happened to Jens' room yesterday so I'm still cleaning up that mess) I have me, myself, and I to help myself haul this stuff. So while I'm pushing and shoving and sweating and swearing, the neighbor kids are ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door every 15-20 minutes or so. I step in my laundry room to switch a load when the door gets knocked on again. My kids get it and it is my little neighbor girl who is this darling little 2 year old that we just love, except for today. She comes in and has a wooden bat with her. You know like those 24 inch souvenir kind. I say, "Oh hi! You can't have that bat inside my house so run it home." Because I'm thinking that I don't want my freshly painted walls to get whacked, right. So she runs along home and decides to stop by my Expedition on the way and she gives it a lot of whacks on the door instead! My blood was really hot before but now it starts to boil. I come inside my house from surveying the damage and take it out on my kids by pretending that I am a sailor for the day. And everyone knows that sailors have foul mouths. Now keep in mind that my two 17 year old neighbor boys are on my deck staining it. And another kid is working on my sprinklers (and his dad is a bishop). Well it was such a nice day today that instead of running my AC, I just opened the windows instead. I forgot about them being open until I saw one of the boys stop in mid move when I screamed a swear word at Sid. But I just remember that I am a sailor today and shrug it off! A few minutes later Cade tells me that Molly has been in the bathroom and has emptied the roll of toilet paper off into the toilet. This day just keeps getting better! I get everything done and I wait. I wait, and I wait. My window washer didn't come because he said that it looked like it was going to rain. I think he forgot what state we live in. We don't get rain! And if we do it never lasts longer than 15 minutes. My painter doesn't come because he had a pipe break at work that he had to fix. Sid's mattress will now be in my living room and her dresser will now be in the hallway for one day longer. (I was originally planning on only 2 days, now it'll be 3). You know what I really want? I just want this house finished! I want the paint done, the light fixtures replaced and mostly, I want a bathroom door back and I want my doorknobs put back on all of my doors so I can LOCK little ones...like Molly OUT!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I haven't updated in soooo long and May was so full of all kinds of stuff. So I figured a good way to catch up would be just to do it all in one big post. So, here goes..... Molly turned 2 this month.

I spent two fabulous weekends down south. One with my friends, Debi, Jamie, Natalie, and Amanda. We went out to eat, went shopping, went to the movies and laughed a lot! The second weekend was with my mom, my kids and my brother Glen, his wife Kathy and their kids. We went down over Memorial Day weekend. We BBQ'ed, hiked, shopped, dined, went to movies, went swimming and just relaxed!

Little Caden stepped on a nail that was in a board - barefoot. Thankfully we were up to date on the tetnus shot. But it still went super deep. Poor little guy.

I cleaned up tons of "Molly Messes". Everything from a pudding face to poopy diapers that she decided to take off herself, to the sugar bowl that she decided to get into. She pulled a bar stool over to the counter, climbed up, got in the cupboard and tossed the sugar ALL OVER!

Jens recieved his Arrow of Light. He is now an 11 year old scout, then he'll be in the official Boy Scouts. Bye Bye Cub Scouts!

Cade graduated from pre school

Sid had her dance recital. I told her that her cosutme reminded me of a peacock. The head piece at least. Then she was self consecious. And I earned another badge for myself as the worlds best mom.

I went to 16 fabulos baseball games. Jens' team only lost 3 times.

I also went fishing with the kids out back in the river. I have some great picutes of them fishing and with the fish they caught, but I couldn't get them to upload. You'll just have to use your imagination. Just picture my kids along with a whole slew of neighbor kids with a bucket full of fish.
I also taught Sidney how to shave her legs, went to my darling niece Brittany's graduation and got a few more rooms finished in my house. I'll post some pics of it later.
Another busy month is over!