Monday, September 30, 2013

First Day of School August 22, 2013

Jens started high school this year.  He was SO NERVOUS!  Gunnar & Porter Gustin
 came and picked him up and brought him to school. 
 He wanted to throw up before he left.

Sidney started 8th grade and was so excited to wear her super cute new clothes!

Cade started 4th grade.  
He was just glad that he made it past 3rd grade and didn't get held back.  Jeff and I had threatened it so much that it was a relief to start 4th!

Molly started 1st grade.  She was SO EXCITED for school!  She had her outfit picked out for weeks and knew exactly how she wanted me to do her hair.


Lots of our Gustin cousins have moved down to Utah from Idaho this summer.  Cade has loved playing with these cousins.
Pictured here are: Nic Gibb - Jackson Nelson - Cade

August Rain

This past August and September we had some amazing rainstorms!  They were more like monsoons!  The kids have had a blast playing in the rain.

Pictured are: Sarah Knudsen - Ahston Overbay - Molly - 
McKenna Davis - Emily Knudsen - Tanner Overbay - Sidney