Friday, January 3, 2014

Caribbean Cruise

Jeff and I took the kids on a Caribbean cruise December 1 -8, 2013.  
It was only us and it couldn't have been nicer!  My kids actually hung out together and Jeff was forced to hang out with only ME!  
Our ship was Allure of the Seas in the Royal Caribbean line.  It was HUGE.  It is currently the biggest ship ever made.

Cade and Molly couldn't get enough ice cream cones!

There were so many pools, more than I've ever seen on any other ship before.  Another part of this ship that was really neat was their Central Park.  There was a really large green area with live trees, bushes and flowers growing.  At night they would play the sound of crickets.  It was really cool.

There was a zip line that Cade wanted to go on so bad.  Every time we went there it was either closed or we didn't have on tie shoes or some reason.  He never was able to go on it.  He was bummed.

They also had a Boardwalk on the ship.  They had Coney style hot dog stands, a carousel, fun house mirrors, a Zoltar fortune teller, and lots of other cool things.

 Our first port of call was Haiti.

We had our own private beach apart from the rest of the cruisers.  
It was so nice!

Our second port of call was in Jamaica.  We went to a beach about a half hour away.  We were able to see a little of the county side.  This was our least favorite place.

Our last port of call was in Cozumel, Mexico

We took a taxi about 10 minutes away to a beach called Paradise Beach.  This was our FAVORITE port of call.  The beach was awesome and it had a private pool with bathrooms, showers and a bar with food and drinks.

It also had all these cool water toys set up in the ocean to play on.

We could have played here all day!

The kids and I also did a little snorkeling here.

 We loved the pool at this beach.  We felt like we were in Hawaii!

 This was a great trip!