Thursday, October 30, 2014


We started out the day on Halloween with a Salem Hills HS state playoff game against the Highland Rams.  The boys played like studs and we won the game 14-7.  We play Roy next week and we are all keeping our fingers crossed for a victory!  We essentially have a total of 3 games, including the one with Roy, to take state!  It would be AWESOME if it happened!

Here is the team after the win celebrating with the crowd.

After the game, I ran home and picked up Cade and Molly.  They had walked home from school and waited for the game to end so they could go trick or treating.  Our ward trunk or treat party and dinner was held in our cul de sac.  Cade and Molly had fun with the ward members until I got home to get them.  Then we hurried over to Sam & Whitney's house to trick or treat with all the cousins.  
They both looked cute in their costumes this year!

Oh my little Cade, why do you love to be gross things?
What happened to the days when I could dress you up as a cute elephant or a cute Captain Hook? .....
Oh yeah, I remember.  That was Jens that I could dress up all cute and nice.  Nothing creepy or scary for him!  He didn't like spooky stuff.  You on the other have have always loved it!  I try to tone it down as much as possible though.  
So we were in Walgreen's when you came across this little number.  It was a child size 8-10.  You my dear are an adult medium.......  Not a chance it would fit bit you insisted!  So here you are in your costume, with about 18 inches of leg showing!  Oh well.....

It has a bloody mask and that's really all you care about!

This costume was one of Sidney's old ones.  I bought you a new broom, some new socks and the cutest little witch shoes ever!!!

I found them in a Chasing Fireflies magazine and didn't hesitate a second before ordering them!

Bottom row L to R: Lia - Addison Holms - Peyton - Ledger Holms
Top row L to R: Molly - Gracie - Alivia

Here are the kids again with darling little Canyon as a doggy.

And the kids once again clockwise: Emma - Molly - Ellie - Addison - Cade - Canyon
They all looked so cute!  
We had sloppy joes with the family and then took the kids around the neighborhood.  We stayed until around 9:30pm and then we headed home to shower and get to bed!  We had to call it an early night b because Alivia was getting baptized at 9:00am the next morning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

There is a new pumpkin patch that opened up in Springville so I took the kids there this year to try it out.  Everything was free except the corn maze and then of course you had to purchase pumpkins if you wanted any.  It was pretty cute.  GREAT for little kids but bigger kids, not so much.  But we still had fun.  They zipped through the corn maze.  Honestly, their favorite part was picking old corn off their stalks.  

If I'd have known how easily they could have been entertained by CORN, I could have saved myself some time and money and just gave them corn!

They played in the corn pit, which was basically a giant sand box of corn kernels.

They had some slides

And they had a giant haystack that you could climb to the top of.

We also went on a hay wagon ride and we picked out lots of pumpkins to take home. 
**Notice that the kids are holding corn in every picture!  Seriously, the corn was a hit!**

We took our finds home and carved them the following Monday evening.  
Well, Sidney, Cade, Molly and I carved them at least.  Jeff and Jens were in the middle of watching a football game.

Sidney carved the bottom left one - the ones with the diamonds.  
Cade carved the one on the bottom right with the triangle eyes and rectangle nose.
Molly carved the top left one -  the one she's sitting next to.
And I carved the top right one - the cat one.

Sidney Cheering

Sidney made the 9th grade cheer squad this year and we were so excited for her!  I know I am biased because I'm her mom, but I think she's absolutely beautiful!

Her cheer coaches were Cicily Collins and Debi Lyman

I also had so much fun watching the 9th grade football team.  
They were undefeated champions!  

Our cousin James Nelson was the quarterback

Sidney and her cute "friend" Jayden Barnum

 Sidney and her BFF since she was 4 years old, Cecily Yates

Fairy Houses

This summer Sidney, Molly and I made these cute fairy houses.  Molly has absolutely love playing with them!
 I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some cardborard houses and we covered them in paper and hot glued moss, leaves and flowers on them.  They turned out adorable!

This is the one I made

Here is Sidney's 

And this is Molly's