Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Old Family Pictures

I was digging through my moms cedar chest a few months back and found some old family photo albums with a gold mine of pictures!  I took them out of those old, sticky, plastic albums and had them scanned and made a new photo book for her so that they wouldn't get damaged any further.

This is my adorable grandma Norma Cazier Hartvisgsen when she was just a baby.  She was born in 1924.  She looks about 1 year old so I'm going to guess this picture was taken in 1925.

This is my grandpa Art Hartvigsen Jr.  It seems like I was once told that he was around 13 years old in this picture.  He was born in 1923 so I'll guess this picture was taken somewhere around  1935 to 1939 time frame.

This is my grandma when she was in the Ute Stanpete Royality.

This picture of my grandpa was taken when he enlisted in the Navy.  He enlisted at the young age of 17 and had to have his parents sign papers to let him enlist.  He was shipped off to Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii.  He was on Pearl when the Japanese attacked.  He was on his ship, the Medusa, which was on the north side of harbor when the bombs came.  He was a diver and had to help dive for bodies.  He would grab hold of someone to pull them up and their skin would slip right off, it was burned so badly.  It was something that he never spoke about.  Ever.  After much asking, he finally wrote his history of his time in the service.  We were all given a copy to read but he still never talked much about it.  It was just too traumatic.

There were lots and lots of pictures of my grandparents kissing and lots of pics of my grandma alone.  All of them had the most sweet love notes to my grandpa from my grandma written on the back of them.  She missed him so much when he was gone.

This is a picture of a band that my great Grandma Zella Park Cazier used to play in.  My grandma is on the bottom row, far left.  

She used to come stay at our house for sleepovers and us kids slept at her house a time or two.  I used to love to dig through her jewelery box.  And nothing fascinated me more than to see her false teeth sitting in a cup of cleaner.

This is my mom when she was a darling little baby.  She was born in 1946 and this was her one year old picture.  So it was taken in 1947.
This is her when she was 5 years old.  

 And this was her high school graduation picture.  
She graduated from Spanish Fork High School in 1964.

This picture of my dad was taken in 1960something.  The writing is rubbed off and hard to tell.  But he is 30 something years old.  He looks good huh!

 This is a picture of my grandma holding me and my cousin Jeremy.  We were born 2 weeks apart.

My cousin Jeremy and I again at about 1 year old.  
Photo taken in late spring of 1977.

My brothers and me:
Glen - Me - Brent - Darren - Brian

 Brian holding me and Jeremy.

Halloween 1978 or 1979

 I loved my grandma's house!  She had a very fancy living room with ivory colored carpet, a gold couch and red chairs.  Her lamps were red and gold and all the decor in the room was so pretty.  We were not allowed to step foot in there without permission.  I loved this room!

 Me and my cousin Mandy

 I remember the day that we took these pictures.  I was 9 years old - 1985
I remember my mom curling my hair all up and us getting all dressed up to have our pictures taken.
It was a big event!

Bottom row: My grandma and my moms sister Roze
Top row: My moms sister Pat and my mom

All the girl cousins (at the time - now there's 3 more) with grandma

I love my grandmas pink pantsuit.  What in the world was she thinking when she bought it!!

All my family in one big picture.
Bottom row: Jenny - grandma - Mandy - Roze - me
Top row: Pat - Terri - Brandi - Kandi - my mom

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Break in Arizona

For fall break this year, we loaded up the kiddies - along with Jens' friend Keyne, and we headed to sunny Queen Creek, Arizona!
We left right after the football game on Wednesday night.  It was senior night so it ended late.  We left around 11:00pm and I drove to St. George.  We got to our house around 2:15am.  We went in and crashed until the next morning.  We got and and continued our drive into Arizona.  We got to our friends Mark and Allison Johnson's house around 4:00pm.  The kids headed straight for their pool!  

We stayed with them for the weekend and had a blast.  The kids didn't get too far away from the pool.  Mark smoked us a brisket and then some ribs the next day.  It was delicious!  We went to Lexi's high school football game to watch her cheer.  

 Mark and Jeff took all the kids to the ASU football game.

First they did a little tail gating with friends before going into the stadium.

 ASU head coach Todd Graham and assistant coach Chip Long had been up to SHHS to watch Porter play in the football game the week before.  (one of the MANY schools recruiting Porter).  Anyhow, the coaches had given them all a tour of the locker room and gave them pre-game side line passes.  They were so excited!

ASU had a great win!

The next day after the game, Sunday, the day we were supposed to leave on, Coach Todd Graham called Jeff and Mark and told them to come by and visit for a bit before we left.  You and only imagine how excited they were for this opportunity!  The hustled right down there to "visit"!

Jeff and Mark made themselves pretty cozy in Coach Grahams office and they just talked and laughed with him for a while before coming back home - on a total high!

Needless to say, we didn't end up leaving Arizona until around 7:00pm.  We started on our long 10 hour drive back home.  I made it to St. George - around 2:00am - again.  We spent the night and finished the 3 hour drive the next day.  We had a great 5 day weekend!