Friday, April 3, 2015

Our last visit to our St. George house

We bought a house in St. George, Utah as a vacation house with some of our friends: Travis & Shasta Parry and Ryan & Jamie Johnson.  The guys went down to look at different properties and decided on this one.  I was pregnant with Molly at the time and didn't even see it until it was a done deal!  Really, none of us girls saw it until it was done.  We weren't picky.  We all made a trip down, completely furnished it - beds, towels, plates, utensils, sheets, TV's, living room set, etc.  The very first time that the family stayed there was soon after we purchased and furnished it.  I had delivered Molly by that time.  She was 3 weeks old.  Jeff and I took the kids down for the weekend.  We have LOVED having a home down there for the past 8 years.

May 2007

And the last time we went to the St. George house was while we were down there for Jens' baseball tournament and Sidney's dance competition.  We were sad to have to sell it.  Ryan & Jamie backed out several years ago and it has just been the Parry's and us.  The Parry's needed to sell it really quick and get their names off the loan.  So - - it sold.  (sniff sniff.....) 

March 2014

Comparing the kids in these two pictures is great!  Sidney is almost to my shoulder in the first one and by the second picture, she is nearly 4 inches taller than me!  Jens and Cade are so little in the first picture.  Jens is at Jeff's chest and in the second he is to Jeff's eyes!  It's kind of fun to see the growth.

Cades first SHINER!

This poor kid took a ball to the eye at baseball practice.  

He made up a pretty good story about how it happened.  He told everyone that asked about it that he was defending his friend Conrad Andersen (who is really skinny).  He said some kid was making fun of him and Cade to him to stop or he'd be sorry.  Well the kid kept the teasing up so Cade let him have it.  He got a shiner and the other kid got 2 shiners and a split lip!  He is so funny!  People believed him at first because Cade is always sticking up for the underdog -  - and occasionally he'll wind up in a fight when he's protecting someone - - but they all found out that it was a baseball in the end!

The Hawks

These boys have a favorite part of being on the baseball team -------

And that favorite part is getting a milkshake - hot chocolate - or some kind of treat after practice.  Parleys Place is their favorite place!

All smiles with thier milkshakes!