Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Princess and the Frog

I have been wanting to take these pictures of Miss Molly for an entire YEAR! I finally got around to it.  I wanted her to wear Suzi's crown that she wore in the Princess and the Pea shoot but Dan and Suzi were out of town when I took these...... so we just wore her tiara from Litte Miss Salem AND a photoshopped crown!  They still turned out super cute!

Jens' Farewell Aug 14, 2016

August 14, 2016
Jens' farewell was such a great day!  He gave a really fantastic talk!  He was calm, poised, and spoke to the audience.  He looked down at his notes just a time or two.  After wards we had a brunch at the house.  I have the most fantastic friends!  Martins came up from Las Vegas and Vicky came up from California to stay with us and help us out.  Then all of our diamond dawg friends - who all are like family set up - served - and cleaned up.  It was so nice!  I only had to snap some 
pictures and enjoy my day.

We served around 200 people - It was insane!

These dads have been the best second father to Jens.
Rob - Craig - Brian - Eric - Scott - Brook

I only took a few pics of JD and his friends.  There were just too many to do them all.
Here he is with Emma & Shelle Naria

With Kaylie Adams - they've been like brother and sister

With Amberli

With Emily Jones

Saying bye to Brian and his family.

With Tanner "T-Bone" Hamblin

With Kade "Stew" Stewart

BOTTOM L-R: Sam C. - Jens - Keyne C 
TOP L-R: Tyler H. - Tanner H. - Nick B. - Cooper S. - Mason B.

With Tyler "Mooch" Hanson

With Steele Rapier

John & Scarlett's family minus Porter and Jacoby

With Dan & Suzi's family.  Poor Katelyn cried her eyes out for days.

And with grandma & grandpa Higginson

Of his friends, Jens was second to LAST to get his call and the FIRST one to leave.  I felt bad a little bit that he wouldn't be able to hear any of his other friends speak and attend their farewells.  But now as some time has gone by, I'm so glad he only had to say bye to everyone ONCE instead of over and over again.  Their farewells are back to back to back --- week after week after week.  Talk about an emotional roller coaster! 

JD's Mission Pictures

We went and took Jens' mission immediately following his patriarchal blessing.  We walked out of the patriarch's house and there was a gorgeous setting sun.  It made for the prettiest background.

A few days later we all met up with his lifelong buddies who are all serving 
and took more pictures together.

Left to Right:
Sam: Juarez, Mexico - Keyne: Guayaquil, Ecuador - Nick: Columbus, Ohio - Mason: Port of Spain - Cooper: Cape Coast, Ghana - Jens: San Antonio, Texas

I love every single one of these boys.  I will forever be grateful for their strong friendships and good influence they had on each other.