Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sid's New Beetle Bug!

We bought Sidney a 2004 Volkswagen Beetle Bug and she is one HAPPY girl!
She loves it!
She has fondly named her Kim!

Football Season

Cade is playing 7th grade tackle football.  Dr. Hulse DDS has his son on the same team as Cade again this year, and again he donated the nicest uniforms!  Last year they were nice but this year...... HOLY SMOKES!  They are awesome!  Like, the high school is jealous of their jerseys!  Cade is #63 - he's USUALLY (but not always) the only one in a navy blue helmet.

This football season has been fun of course and I love watching Sidney cheer - but I do have to say that its different not watching Jens play football also.

Sidney's Junior Year Homecoming

Brook asked Sid to Homecoming in a really cute way.  He dressed up like Russell from Disney's Up movie.  Then filled her room with balloons, just like in Up.

"Will you fly UP to Homecoming with me?"

I took their pictures at the Provo Courthouse

Girls Left to Right:
Jacie Wilkinson - Brynn Eyre - ? Parish - Hannah  Lindsay - Autumn Hardin - Miley Houghton - Shelby Ault - Natalia Oveson

Boys Left to Right, bottom row first:
Jayden Barnum - Brook Vaitohi - Villi Wolfgramm
Top Row:
Quade Bunker - Alex Baker - Jackson O'Hara - Jacob Rolfe - Jordan Jiminez - Scotty Bennett