Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Year Olds

Aren't 2 year olds simply the cutest little people that you have ever met? Every thing they do is cute. Every single word they speak is darling. Every time they do something new for the first time it is this great accomplishment and I want to eat their chubby little bodies up! Yesterday Molly and her little friend Andrea were playing at my house. They came out of the bedroom saying, "Wook at us! We got swum suits on! We got bracewets too!" They looked so darling!
They had dressed themselves in some of Molly's swimsuits. (notice Andrea's pink swimsuit is on backwards) Put on hats, bracelets, necklaces and socks. Their socks were on upside down and you know what? Those little girls could not have been cuter!

Now if only it would stay cute for us adults. If chubby were still cute on adults....I'd be the hottest thing around! And if I were to go out dressed like that, people would think that I had lost my mind and I would be medicated! Not fair.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baseball Season

We had the best weekend in Saint George! The boys had a tournament down there. We played teams from Las Vegas and Elko, Nevada and from Phoenix and St. George, Utah.
Jeff's assistant Brook and his wife Amie and 2 of their kids stayed at our house down there along with Travis and 4 of his kids. PLUS half the baseball team. We had 13 kids in the house for 5 days!!! It's a wonder how the house remained in tack and we didn't take to heavy drinking!

Jeff, Brook and Travis would sit around and tell the boys scary stories and joke with them. They were totally entertained by them at all times.

After the games we would take the boys back to the house and they would swim in the pool.

The outdoor pool is not heated in the winter time and it is ICE COLD. Jeff bet the boys a certain amount of money to see who could swim in it the longest. The two remaining split the money. Then they spent the rest of the time in the hot tub.

This was a great play. The batter hit the ball. It was thrown to first base for an out and then to second base for a 2nd out. The kid sliding into second base was so much bigger than our guy. I thought he was going to get wiped out by him. But he didn't and he tagged him out.

Jens playing first base. (he forgot his white uniform! luckily we carry and extra one for the team just in case something like this happens)

And Jens at bat.

On Sunday we took the boys hiking on the red rocks. They climbed up through the slot and we hiked all around the rocks. The sun was a warm 63 degrees. It was a great day!

Amie and I went to the Parade of Homes and did some shopping. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to get back down. I have spring fever!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

AUSTRALIA - Agel's Diamond Leadership Retreat

I was able to travel to Sydney, Australia with Jeff and his work for a retreat. All the top leaders came for the retreat. What an awesome experience! I had never been there before and I loved it. Jeff and my brother Glen flew out ahead of time for some meetings and so my sister in law, Kathy, and I flew out together.
I walked into my hotel room (which was about 1 block away from the harbor) and had a perfect view of the Sydney Opera house and the bridge.

We divided up into teams and went sailing in the Darling Harbor. My brother Glen and his wife Kathy's team took first. We took 3rd place but it was still 2 great hours on the water. Each boat had a skipper but we were the crew. We did all the running of the sails. It was the first time that both Jeff and I had been sailing.

We spent 4 days in Sydney. We then flew to Hamilton Island and took a yatch to Haymen Island and spent 6 days there. Haymen is only 6 miles in diameter and only about 500 people live on the island. And all of the residents work at the one and only resort on the whole island, which is where we stayed. There aren't really any cars on the island. Just golf carts. We had a blast there.
The pool there is the 2nd largest pool in the world. It is 7 times an olympic size pool. And just beyond the pool in the ocean.

We had great dinner parties, took kayaks and little sail boats out into the water and played football on the beach. We arrived there at the end of a cyclone, so we got a little rain everyday but it was still hot and humid. Actually, without the rain, it would have been too hot and the sun would have been unbearable.

One of the days, we took a boat WAY out, like a 2 hour boat ride into the ocean right to the Great Barrier Reef and we went scuba diving.....well, not me, I snorkeled. Amazing! I have snorkeled in a lot a places and I have never seen anything like this.
The water was such a pretty color and the fish and coral were spectacular.

There were also cockatoo's ALL OVER! They would fly into the hotel rooms and steal stuff if you left the balcony doors open. One flew in a stole a man's wallet. This cockatoo was on my balcony railing.

This parrot was just outside the side balcony of my hotel room in a tree. It was so pretty. I have never seen birds like this outside of a zoo.

There were also bats! These bats were HUGE! The first time I saw one flying I thought that it was a crow. Scary! Next year the retreat is going to be in Maui. Haymen was amazing but thankfully in Maui, there will be no bats like this!