Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I don't even think that this umbrella did one bit of good.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Best Family Pictures EVER!

My beautiful friend Alli came home from Arizona for a visit so I had her take our family pictures. Jeff was hateful about it because it was so hot outside. About 98 degrees. You know how family pictures go - - mom's and dad's yelling at their kids that they better smile or else! - little ones not wanting to cooperate - older ones getting irritated with the little ones - mom threatening again that everyone is going to be in BIG trouble if we are all not happy NOW.

Well I am happy to announce that we were able to pull off family pictures without any of the hassle! It was great! Alli came to our house, we went out back and spent about 20 minutes - literally - and we were done!

Jeff was even having a good enough time that he goofed around for a minute.

We seriously took everyone's pictures and the family ones in about 20 minutes time! It was so great.
Then Alli and I took Molly and did some more of her just by herself.

Isn't she so stinkin' cute!

Thanks Alli! I love them!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cade Comments....

As most of you know, my 6 year old son Caden is quite the child. He is like a ball of lightning striking everywhere he goes. If he is in a room - you defiantly know it! Sometimes he DOES things that make you go "humm". Sometimes he SAYS things that make you go "humm".

My sister in law Whitney called me the other day. Cade answered the phone. The conversation went as follows:
Cade: Smello??
Whit: Hey Cade, where's your mom?
Cade: (calmly replies) I don't know and I'm NOT gonna go find her either.
Whit: K--why not?
Cade: Oh, because I am just lazy I guess.
Whit: Where are you?
Cade: Well right now I am just sitting on our stairs. About the 3rd one from the top.
Whit: (getting bugged now) Caden! You get your lazy little butt upstairs and find your mom!
And he did! I was outside.

This evening I went up to visit my dad. He said to me: "You know Abbie Jean, (he always calls me by my full name) I came to your house the other day and Cade was outside so I just asked him what you were doing before I knocked on the door. And he told me that you were "running around the house naked". So I just decided to leave. I figured I could visit you later - when you weren't naked!
I thought. "What??? I was running around the house naked??? Oh gee, he must have left out the part that I was probably doing cartwheels too." Seriously, that would scare my kids....and myself should I happen to catch a glance in the mirror. Chances are, I had just stepped out of the shower and my darling son took it upon himself to say I was running around naked.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Zion's National Park - Kolob Canyon

On my way home from the baseball tournament, I decided to drive through Kolob Canyon which is part of Zion's National Park.

It was really pretty! It is amazing to see how straight up and down the mountain cliffs are.

My brother Glen, his wife Kathy and their 2 oldest kids were in Paris so I was babysitting his youngest 3 kids for the weekend. So here they are with my 4 kids - minus Kaitlyn because she rode home with Jeff.

It is a 5 mile drive of canyon and you can just take it in your car or there are trails that you can hike through. We were all in flip flops so we just walked along the ridge.
If you have ever been boating in Lake Powell, the scenery is similar to that.

Color Country Classic Champs!

Our team went to Cedar City for a tournament last weekend and we played so good!

We played a couple teams from Las Vegas and Henderson and then some from St. George and Cedar. We won all of our games and went undefeated.

Jensy at bat.

On the last day it rained and rained. We ended up having a 2 hour game delay. The temperature dropped from a hot 97 to a cool 66 degrees in no time.

The rain finally let up and the sky graced us with this.....

And we ended up winning again and we became the tournament champions!