Friday, January 21, 2011

Sundance Weekend

I have THE BEST in-laws in the world! Really and truly - they are fantastic! I couldn't have hand picked a better family to end up with. I absolutely love everyone one of them. From Grandma - Grandpa - aunts - uncles - cousins - brothers and sisters in law - nieces & nephews - and last but certainly not least, mom and dad in law.
Whenever I am talking to someone, anyone, and I mention that I am going here or there with my mother in law or sister's in law, I always get the same response, "Oh...... I am sorry! I bet you are NOT looking forward to that!" It seriously boggles my mind! I love being with my in laws. We all get along great and we always have a great time together.
So this past weekend, our kids were out of school on Friday and Monday so my in laws rented a cabin up Sundance. We all drove up on Friday (minus Jeff who was in LA). I would like to say the cabin was beautiful, but I couldn't really see it because of all the snow.
I can't believe how deep it was. Here is my 6 foot brother in law. Look at the snow next to him. It was insane! A cat had been up there and had plowed the road for us. But we still had to take a snow blower with us to finish clearing the road. All I can say is thank goodness for 4 wheel drive!!!
Look at how deep it is to my Expedition window. Crazy!

We didn't use the porch much!

One of the days we went skiing at Sundance.

I think Sundance is such a pretty place. The river and the log buildings are pretty.

All I can say about this picture is:
Meet the Griswolds!
Like I said, I love my in laws but they are a goofy bunch of looking people!
We went up the road sledding one of the days. Joel would drive us all up in the back of the truck and then we would sled down the road. We had so much fun. Julie and I went down the hill SOOOO fast! Suzi took some pictures that I will have to post later.

Sidney was about to crash into the side and Jessica was worried that she was going to crash into Sidney. Their faces looked too funny.

Cade built a little "bear cave" in the snow. I thought it was cute and let him crawl in it long enough to take a picture and then I made him get out because there was about 5 feet of snow on top of him and I was worried it would cave in on him. We ended up using it as a place to store our drinks so that they would stay cold.

Caden didn't let the snow stop him from using the swing!

After everyone was done being outside for the day, we would come in and take all our snow stuff off. The amount of snow clothes was totally absurd! That room was totally trashed with snow gear the whole weekend.

We had a blast together! We played lots of card games.

We had basketball shooting tournaments. We would set the timer for 1 minute and shoot as many as we could. And just for the record, I beat Dan 59 to 38!

We played pool.
(pay NO attention to the messy floor)
Jeff was supposed to fly home from Los Angeles on Sunday evening. He was pretty much going to miss the trip, but he ended up getting his meetings done early and he caught an earlier flight. He surprised us all by showing up on Saturday night!
More card games. Sometimes we would stay up until 1:00 and 2:00am playing and laughing.

The kids did a lot of coloring. (So did uncle Scott, Joel & Jeff!)

And we watched lots of movies.......
(mingled with LOTS of football games - which was very boring for the girls)

Suzi brought her super cute cupcake maker. Is this not the cutest thing?!!! You put the batter in the little cupcake spots inside and it bakes them in 10 minutes.

She also brought chef hats for the girls and let them make cupcakes. It entertained them for the longest time. They all thought that Suzi was the bee's knee's for her "little project".

We had the best weekend! I think we need to make this a tradition and do it every year!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Jeff and I spent a week in Maui with our friends Mark and Allison. My brother Glen, his wife Kathy and their family were also there. Glen's family went out 1 week before us. They spent New Years Eve there. So they were only there for 2 of the days with us but we had a fabulous time!

Some of my favorite things/places in Maui......................
I love this church! The stained glass windows are so pretty when the sun hits them. I have to photograph it every time I go to Maui.

Waterfalls, green rolling hills and green mountains.
And of course all the pretty foliage. I love the flowers and the flowered bushes and trees.

We went over to Paia which in on the North Shore, and the waves are huge over there.
The North Shores are where all the big surfing competitions are held
You can tell how big the waves are by looking at the surfers next to them. Do you see that guy in the bottom picture on the left side.

Here are some rocks. Notice how low the water is on them, then look how hard it crashes against them. These rocks had to be at least 9 feet out of the water and the waves would just come splashing right over the tops of them.
My brother Glen, his wife Kathy and their kids.
Jeff, me, Alli and Mark.

On one of the nights we went back over to Paia to eat at Mama's Fish House. It is also one of my most favorite places. I go eat here every time I come here. If you ever get to Maui, you HAVE to eat at Mama's!

It is nestled in the most beautiful setting. It sits right on the beach of the North Shores so you can see the amazing waves. The window's lift completely up so you essentially dine in an open air restaurant. The walkway into the restaurant goes underneath this really neat tree that grows in a U shape.

Mark got a piece of baked Mahi Mahi with Kahlua Pork, Poi, grilled bananas and sweet potatoes with coconut milk, in a coconut shell to go as a dressing over top.
And the rest of us got Macadamia nut encrusted mahi mahi, stuffed with lobster, crab and Maui onions with asparagus on top, with corn and Maui rice.
Sidney saw this picture and thought that it looked gross. BUT IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!
Then for dessert we couldn't decide, so we ordered a few and shared them. We got chocolate pie with a carmel cookie crust, (yum!) and banana macadamia nut crisp served warm with vanilla bean ice cream (yum yum) and creme brulee! (and yum again!)
That carmel cookie crust was so darn yummy!
We hung out on the beach................
Played in the ocean................

And whale watched. I took this picture from the beach. Humpback Whales were blowing their spouts all over and they would breach and splash their tails. It was too hard to actually catch a picture of a whale in the air because I never knew when and where they would jump. So....... I have a lot of pictures of the splash they would make after they would enter the water again.
But mostly we hung out at the pool. We rented this cabana for the week. We would lay out, nap, read, swim, and just flat out enjoy ourselves there.
I reacquainted myself with an old friend while I was there. Meet Mr. Lava Flow! (virgin of course!) Pina Colada with strawberry puree, blended with ice cream.
We stayed at the Grand Wailea, which is my MOST favorite hotel in all the world! And I have stayed in quite a few! This one takes the cake. I come here and I don't even want to leave the resort. I absolutely L O V E the pools here. It's like a miniature water park.

The adult pool.
They have a couple big water slides and then smaller ones with a lazy river and pools all over and all the pools, waterslides and lazy rivers connect. The only pool that doesn't connect is the adult pool. It is by itself. They also have a water elevator. The only one in the world. See that silver door with the circle window in it in the middle/left side of this bottom picture. That's the elevator.


We all went to the spa one of the days and had wonderful massages and sat in the mineral baths and got exfoliated. Didn't want it to end!

One night we went over to Lahina to a comedy/magic show called Warren & Annabelles. We have been to it 3 times before and we have loved it every time. You will laugh your butt off! Again, if you ever go to Maui, you gotta go to Warren & Annabelles! It is a totally clean show. No swearing or any kind of vulgar language. You could easily have your kids here, BUT children are not allowed. Everyone has to be 21 and older with ID because they serve alcohol.
Warren is the comedian/magician and Annabelle is the ghost that haunts the building.
To get into the room, you have to go into this one little room first that has 4 doors and secreate doors. You are given a key and then you are given clues by Annabelle. Then you have to find your way out. Eventually, a false wall slides open when you solve their riddle and you go in and you can eat. Then Annabelle, the ghost, entertains you for a little while. She takes requests and plays the piano. (of course you never see her because she is a ghost). You just see her chair turn toward you while you say your request, then she plays the song on the piano that you requested. Then you go into the theatre for the magic show.
Since Mark and Allison had never been here before, they got picked to be one of the couples that sits upfront with the comedian. Basically he makes fun of them the whole time while he does magic. It is totally entertaining! But if you do go, know that the whole event takes about 4 hours.

On our way to the show in Lahina, we drove past the famous Baynan tree. It is SOOO big. It takes up like 1/3 of an acre. It was raining so hard on our way there that we couldn't even roll down the window. So we had to stop by one our way home. Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out well because it was dark but you can at least kind of see the tree.
The limbs have grown and grown to the point where they have branched off and grown down into the ground making a new trunk. And then that tree trunk grew and grew until it's branches grew down and made yet another trunk and so on.

It was really cool.
On our last morning there, we went to Kihei to have breakfast at one of my favorite spots. The Kihei Cafe! The food portions are ridiculos! GLUTNEY! Jeff and I had enough food on our plates to feed 4!
Jeff got an omlet with hashbrowns and I got my ever favorite: banana macademia nut french toast with cocoanut syrup and whipped cream. It essentially was dessert for breakfast!
We had the most wonderfully relaxing time! I am sure that I gained 10 pounds while I was there. Our company could not have been better! Can't wait for the next time I get to go back!