Friday, November 15, 2013

Sidney's 14th Birthday Party

We also celebrated Sidney's birthday a little early this year.  She wanted to take her friends to St. George for the weekend.  So we loaded up Friday, October 18th and headed south.  We came home on Sunday the 20th.  We stopped by Cafe Rio in Cedar City to eat dinner on the way down.  We got to St. George that night.  We went swimming on Saturday early afternoon.
Her friends who went were bottom L to R: Chloe Hughes - Micah Button - Katelyn Hallows - Sidney
Back L to R: Berlynn Briggs - Cecily Yates - Grace Parry 

The girls played water games and tanned.

After swimming, we got dressed and hiked the red cliffs.

After our hike, we went shopping at the outlet mall, then we went to dinner at Iggy's Sports Bar. 

When we got home we ate these cute owl cupcakes! 

Then on Sunday while I was washing all the bed sheets, we went down to Cottonwood Cove Park - aka: The Dizzy Park!

We headed back home after all the laundry was done.  It was a quick but fun trip!

Happy 10th Birthday Caden!

We celebrated Cade's 10th birthday a little early because we wanted to have a pool party.  So we celebrated it on August 20th, 2013.
When we were in Hawaii in January, I took this picture of him on the beach with his Lava Flow drink. (I had this party in mind when I took the picture!)

All his party friends:
Front L to R: Jackson Nelson - Michael Critchfield - Brett Bailey - Riley Thatcher - Reed Johnson
Back L to R: Gunner - Kyler Baum - Cade - Zane Thornton - Jack Parry - Kade Cloward

He opened all his presents

Since you don't eat cake at the beach, I made a "bucket" of ice cream with crushed graham cracker on top for the sand.  I laid out a stick of gum for the beach towel and I stuck an umbrella, a lobster and a starfish pick down in the ice cream.  Then I stuck a licorice piece down in the ice cream and re-froze the ice cream dish.  You could actually carry the bucket by the handle!  

So instead of eating cake, we had our sand bucket!

Then I took the boys to Payson Pool for a couple of hours.

Jens' First Date - Homecoming

Jens had his first date on Friday, September 21, 2013.  He had been asked by several senior  boys if he wanted to double with them on the date.  So one of the older boys drove our Expedition on the date and they all piled in.  He asked Ashton Overbay out to Homecoming. They started out their date by tandum biking down Provo Canyon.  Ashton had just moved here from Oregon and had never seen Provo Canyon yet or Bridal Veil Falls.  She loved it and thought it was so pretty.

When they passed by Bridal Veil Falls, they stopped and hiked up the falls a bit.  Then they biked down to the Riverbottoms to a park.  One of the kids he was with, Dallin Poulsen, had his parents there cooking a delicious dutch oven dinner for them.  Paisley Callister, Jen Swenson, Sidney and I went over there too and set up the tablescape.  The kids biked down, ate and went home to get ready for the dance.  

I helped clean up and hurried home do style Ashton and Kaylie Adams hair for the night.

Kaylie Adams - Tristan Swenson - Ashton Overbay - Jens

Here are all the kids in their group.

Sam Callister-Rachael Critchfield-Tristan Swenson-Kaylie Adams-Jens-Ashton-???-Connor Hunt-Alli Lemon-Hayden Bond-???-Dallin Poulsen

After the dance, they all came back to our house.  I had made Never on Sundae's for them for dessert.  (HOT, gooey slightly undercooked cookie, with vanilla ice cream on top.  Homemade fudge sauce & caramel drizzles and whipped topping on top)  Jeff had the fire pit going and the tiki torches set up around the patio.  The kids ate their dessert and talked and laughed until just before midnight, then they all went home.  He had a great time!