Friday, February 7, 2014

New Years Day 2014

To celebrate New Years Day, we spent it up Loafer canyon snowmobiling and sledding with Joel and Julie's and Sam and Whitney's families.

Jeff - Joel - and EMMA spent the day driving everyone to the top of the canyon on the snowmobile so that they could sled down the road.

Nick was up from St. George visiting and he stayed the week with us.  He and Jens had been out and so they missed coming up with us.  When they got home, we told them to take my car and come up and meet us.  I thought they would use their heads and take my four wheel drive Expedition.  Oh no - they took me literally when I said to take my "car" and come up.  They pulled up the snow packed roads in my VOLVO!

I about died when I saw them pull up in my car.  
But at least now I know that it handles pretty darn good in the snow!

Jaxon - Nick - Jens

Gracie and Emma

Cade - Jaxon - Gunner

Whitney - Julie - Me

Lia - Ellie - Sam

Averi and baby Gustin

Elf on the Shelf 2013

It seems like we were hardly home this December.  We missed about 2 full weeks of time at home because of vacation days we spent.  But our elf Bernard made the best of the time that we were home.

He left us out The Polar Express movie to watch.

He took time to soak in a bubble bath in the Barbie bathtub.

Cade left his toys out one day so he decided to play with them!

He xeroxed his butt on our printer!

He gifted wrapped our toilet especially for us.  So nice of him!

He took a dry erase marker and drew all over the kids baby pictures.  Then he hung out there to watch our reactions as we saw the pictures.

He made Jens look like a girl with curly hair and glasses and a lollipop in his hand...

He made Sidney look like a bearded lady with a uni brow...

Cade got a Spanish matador style mustache and a uni brow...

And last but not least, he made Molly look like the devil!

He replaced the kids pictures with pictures of himself.

Cade and Molly LOVE finding him each morning.  They think he is so funny!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

Molly and Caden made out their Christmas lists for Santa. 
 I took a picture of them before I mailed them.  

Molly's said:
Dear Santa Claus
From Molly Higginson?
I want a two bitty babies a boy and a girl.  Play home with a couch a kitchen a family room and a room. American horse (american girl doll horse)
American girl doll cabin
American girl bath
A beam time (american girl gymnastics beam)
I want Molly the doll
I want Saige the doll
Bug car (american doll bug car)
dogs carrier (american doll dog carrier)
American girl
Monster High dream home
A bitty winter outfit
drawer and socks
a girl robe a boy robe.

Cade's letter said:
Dear Santa Merry Christmas
I want a new air soft gun
a new castel and a tackleing dummy
a medal detector a new green machine
a nerf sword or shield - Call of Duty Ghosts
World War Z & Iron Man 3
Love Caden

Santa showed up at our house and left us some presents again this year!  It was a great day!

Cade was excited to get a new air soft gun.

Jens and Cade both got metal detectors.  

Molly got the American Girl doll stroller and the Bitty Baby twins that she wanted sooo bad.

Sidney got the shellac machine she'd been asking for and an iPhone 5. 
 Her day was completely made with those gifts!

Jens got a new gun, he was pretty happy!

Never mind the "Happy Birthday" bag here...... it was a gift that Molly wrapped for Sidney.  Bless her heart!  She meant well!