Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Big Jensy turns 16

My Jensy Bug has turned 16!  I can't believe all these years have gone by so fast.  I feel myself starting to panic wondering if I've taught him all the things he needs to know about real life yet.  I know I haven't and then I panic more because I'm running out of time.  It seems to go by so fast.  He's such a good boy and I've been so blessed to be his mom.  He makes me laugh, I know I can depend on him and I genuinely love to hang out with him.  He's one of my very best friends.  My life would be so empty without him.  I genuinely love his friends too.  They are all the best kids.  I'm so glad he has had such good friends, who are good boys and a good influence.  Since he's been driving my Expedition to work everyday, mucking horse stalls and then climbing back into MY car with horse crap on him....... we decided to get him his own set of wheels.  We found this 1998 Jeep Wrangler for a good buy and decided it was meant to be since they were the same age!  We bought it back in October and have been hiding it all these months just waiting for the big day.  The lady who had it had hardly put any miles on it and had kept it in great condition.  The morning of his birthday, I made him breakfast in bed - biscuits and sausage gravy - and then he opened his presents from Sidney, Cade & Molly.  We told him that we were planning on taking him shopping after he played his baseball game later that day.  Then Jens faked a phone call from Duane.  He told Jens that grandpa needed the lawn edger and told Jens to run it up to him.  The kids and I were already waiting outside the garage for him.

He opened the house door to come out and saw us all there and said, 'What!"

Then he looked over and saw the jeep with a big red bow on the hood.....
His next words were, "Oh my heck......."

"This is mine???!!"

"This thing is sweet!"

He was super excited!  He hopped in it to go for a spin.  

He drove straight up to Grandma and Grandpa Higginson's house where Katelyn was staying while her parents were out of town.  Shes been dying for a ride in it.  

He pretty much spent the next week giving people rides in it!  

Spring Break in St. George

For spring break this year we went to Saint George.  Cade had games on Thursday, April 3rd, so he and Jeff headed down on Wednesday night the 2nd.  The girls and I went down on Thursday night after dance.  Jens had to wait to come down that following Tuesday because he had basball games up here.  We spent our whole time at the house.  It was WONDERFUL!  We had 11 full days there.  We watched Cade finish up his tournament.  His team won their first ever game down there.  It was so exciting for all of us!  We had lots and lots of visitors come and stay with us during our time there.  Grandma Julie and Grandpa Duane came to stay, Scott, Jessica and the kids, Joel, Julie and the kids spent a night on their way down to Las Vegas and a night again on their way home, John & Porter Gustin spent a night on their way home from California, then the morning that they left, they had breakfast with us along with Joel and Brad Vest (who had been in Cali with them on a football recruiting trip). Jens' friend Nick Brumfield and his brother Tyler spent a few nights, Cade had lots of his friends in and out sleeping over.  We basically ran a European Hostel while we were there!  It was great.  We realaxed in the hammock...........

We spent plenty of time at the pool........

Jens and Sidney played on their games and read.........

Molly couldn't have been happier having Alivia and Peyton to play with.........

There was always a friend to sleep with......... (molly & peyton)

molly and ellie

We had lots of barbeques with family and friends..........

We went shopping, out to dinner, played Dominos, and visited Dave & Jill Clowards family who just built a house in Sunbrook.........

 The kids played at the park............

We took the kids out to Pirate Island Pizza - which just re-opened.  The kids were THIRLLED to have it open for business again..........

We hiked the red rocks............

And had plenty of drinks and sugar cookies from Swigs.  All in all it was a perfect break!

Sidney & Molly's Dance Pictures

Spring has Sprung! (and that means dance competitions and baseball.......)

For us, spring means dance and baseball!  Sidney has had several dance competitions from St. George to Herriman.  Molly had her dance recital this spring as well. 

Both the girls did really good!  They are darling dancers and I love watching them.

Jens and Cade have also had games every week this spring.  Jens has played from St. George to Stansbury (up by Tooele) and everywhere in between!  Cade thankfully plays only in Payson, Salem and Spanish Fork.

Jens and his team have done really well this spring.

Cade's team is getting better and better everyday.  Cade makes good contact with the ball when he's up to bat.  I love watching baseball!!!

Crazy Hair Day at School

For Crazy Hair Day at school this year I did Molly's hair in cupcakes with a cherry on top.  They turned out really cute!  

And for Cade's hair, I spiked it up all over and stuck pom poms all over in his hair with corn syrup.

St. Patricks Day

For St. Patricks Day this year I made the kids the cutest little "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in a tube" treats. 
 (Sidney was at dance so she's not in the picture.)