Friday, June 5, 2015

Molly's 8th Birthday ~ We've Mastered the ART of Partying!

For Molly's 8th birthday, we had an ART party!  We did crafts and played games that involved art.  Some girls were quick on the draw and some drew a blank!  It turned out super cute. 
The invitations looked like a painters pallet.

Front Row Left to Right:
Andrea - Cambrie - Molly - Bella - Ellie - Alivia - Jaelee
Back Row Left to Right:
Julia - Kallie - Emma - Brinley - Brynn

The girls did CHALK ART until everyone got here

Next they PAINTED purses

Then they PAINTED sun catchers and wooden animals

Then we did NAIL ART

Then we did BODY ART

Then Molly opened her presents

After presents we made PERFECT PORTRAITS!  
The girls had to put a paper plate on their head and draw a self portrait while the plate was on their head!

Then it was finally CAKE TIME!

Then we played PICTIONARY until everyone's ride came.

Diamond Dawg Reunion Party

I can't believe how much I've come to love all these boys over the years, and I can't believe how much I've missed them since they've all went on to their own ways to their own high schools.  We had a reunion party for them and I think I was the most excited one about it!  We had a barbecue with salads, fruit and dessert. 

Some of the parents came to help and...... mostly just because they've missed being around all of them so much too!  Jens really could not have better friends.  They're smart, athletic, talented, good boys.

Jeff had them all bring their high school uniforms for a picture

and then he had them get dressed up in nice clothes for another picture.  Jeff wrote a small book about all the experiences that they had as a team over the years and tied it in to life lessons.  We've placed pictures in it of the boys that coincide with the pictures.  He wanted to end the book with these pictures of them in their high school uniforms.  I can't wait to see it when we've got the book all finished.

Last Day of School 2015

I really love love love my neighborhood with all my heart!
My kids have always been fortunate to have good friends, they've always been lucky enough to have a safe, fantastic place to play / hang out, and they've all been loved by a multitude of mothers and fathers. 

Cade and a bunch of neighbor kids ~ along with all their friends hung out half the evening at the Knudsen's in the tree fort, they spent time playing kick ball in the cul de sac, and then they watched a movie in our basement.

Sidney and her friends had a party at Chloe Hughes house.