Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stock Show

Our friend Zane Evans got an extra pig and they asked Cade if he wanted to show it in the Jr. Livestock Show.  Cade being Cade and ALWAYS up for ANY challenge said "Sure!"  He somehow we ended up at the stock show showing with his friends Avorie, Walker and Jack Evans.  My first and I'm sure my only kid to ever show an animal.  He is such a funny kid and will try just about anything.  His 300lb pig was great on the farm but had quite the aggressive temper at the SF Fairgrounds.  He was constantly picking fights with any other pig that would even get close to him,  There was usually a man that had to follow him around with a board to keep him separate from all the other pigs.  He showed well and sold for $600!  Cade was pretty happy with the profit made!

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