Monday, July 31, 2017

Great Grandma Higgy's dresses

Grandma LaVern and Grandpa Ralph
After grandma died, the parents went through all her things.  Each sibling took a turn taking home her engagement, wedding and other dresses.  The granddaughters dresses up in them and we did an impromptu photo shoot - in the backyard - with our cell phones!  But I couldn't let the opportunity pass by!
This is their engagement picture.

Sidney is in the green satin dress
Katelyn is in her wedding dress
Averi is in her black engagement dress that she is wearing in the top picture
Each dress is about 80 years old

10 year old Miss Molly in her great grandmother's wedding dress

Ellie is in a yellow dress that I think was her prom dress, Molly is in her wedding dress and Cade is wearing her fathers top hat - so basically he's wearing his great great grandfather, Chris Nelson's top hat.  Cade is just 13 in this picture and that hat was tiny.  It's sitting just on top of his head.  Chris must've been a smaller guy.

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