Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

Two years ago when my little Caden was 5 years old, he gave me the sweetest little Mother's Day gift. We have a lost and found at our church and apparently he had his eye on this pair of "lost" earrings for quite some time. He kept telling the librarian that he wanted them for his mom. She told him that if no one had claimed them by Mother's Day that he could have them. Well, Mother's Day came along and no one had claimed them so I was the recipient the them! I had no idea that he was looking at them and talking to the librarian about them. It was a surprise to me. So to all the friends I have at church...... If these earrings once belonged to you, sorry! They are now mine! And Cade is soooo proud still to this day each time I wear them.

For Mother's Day this year Jeff gave me new corian kitchen counter tops! I had been in St. George for the week prior to and he had stayed home for work. He had these installed while I was gone. It was a total surprise! We had talked about re-doing them for a couple of years but never talked colors, styles or anything. I seriously had no clue that he was doing this. When I came home and saw them, I loved them, but I didn't like my cupboards with it. So I painted my cupboards BY MYSELF! I glazed them with a darker paint and then I had Jeff's cousin, who is a cabinet maker, stain some darker bead board wood to go around my bar.
I had a couple of bids to glaze my cabinets and they were both around $2000.00 and I did it by myself for less than $20! Sure it took me HOURS of work by hey, you can't beat $20!
I love my new kitchen!

Here is what my cupboards and counter tops used to look like.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is a Divorce in My Near Future???

I L O V E cats! I think they are so darling! Jeff on the other hand H A T E S them! Jeff came home from work yesterday to find out that that the kids and I had got ourselves a cute little kitten. Needless to say, he was NOT pleased. Not pleased at all! He was rather...... angry about it. So I think he may divorce me over it!
No not really, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had crossed his mind yesterday!
But just look at that darling little face!

I wanted to name him either: Keith, Rodney, Gary or Donald.
Just some kind of name that IS NOT a cat name. Can you imagine how funny it would sound for me to go out on my back deck and yell, "Rodney! Here Kitty Kitty!" I laugh at how funny it sounds. But my kids refused. So........... we settled on the name Panther. Not my first choice but oh well. Panther will work.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's Way!

Actually, Easter has PASSED! Mother Nature just would not cooperate. It seemed like the rain was never going to let up, and when it did it was c o l d! So my Easter egg hunt was well after the fact again. Oh well, it was still just as fun.
This year I had 1,320 eggs.
And just 30 hunters. That makes 44 eggs each!

The race is ON!
The kids bring a grocery sack to hunt with because Easter baskets are just too small.

Look at the ridiculous amount of eggs they got!

We had a fun hunt, yummy food, perfect company and just an overall great night! Can't wait until next year!