Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School Starts! August 19, 2014

Big Jensy is a Junior this year.  SO SO crazy to think that I only have ONE more year of school with this kid.  Where on earth has the time gone?????

Sidney is a Freshman and she's feeling like the big man on campus!

Cade is in 5th grade.  Only one more year left in elementary school for this guy.

Miss Molly girl couldn't hardly wait for school and 2nd grade.  She was counting down the days for nearly a month!

August Rain means MUDDIN'

This is one of my favorite things!  I just love to get a big ol' rainstorm!  

And sometimes when it's super dry and there is no rain in sight, then we go down when the farmers irrigate the fields and we take advantage of the muddy roads!


I love the summertime!  
I dread the kids going back to school.  I never want the late nights to end.  I love the four wheeler rides at sunset, the sno cones, night games, parties and the carefree lifestyle!  This summer was filled with all the things I love!

My annual shrimp boil was simply delicious!  The friends were perfect and the rain let up just in the nick of time for me to pull the party off!

I love lemonade stands!  It's every little kids dream.  Every time I see one, I pull over and buy some from them.  (I usually dump it right away too!)

Molly made this sign and set herself up for business!

Bella came over to help join in.  She went knocking on neighbors doors to recruit shoppers!

 These two, Molly and Gracie, spent time dressing up in some costumes at one of the dance competitions.

I love the pool and soaking up the sun in the summer!

These cousins are the best of friends

We ate plenty of sno cones!

Jeff and I spent our 19th anniversary in Las Vegas.  We had dinner at the Palm restaurant before going to see the show, Michael Jackson One.

Our dinner was unbelievably delicious! And the show was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!!!!!!!!!   One of the best I have EVER seen!

This summer I celebrated my 20 year high school reunion with old friends.

 My mom and the kids (with Jacoby) and I went to the Living Planet Aquarium.

Bowling, games, ropes course and surfing at Provo Beach Resort.

 Molly - 94 year old Great Grandma Higgy - Ellie
All of the cousins at grandma Higgy's annual Pioneer day party!

Gunnar and Jens hung out nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY!  
It was sad to send Gunnar off to college....

Nick Brumfield came up and spent a lot of the summer up here.  He and Jens had their usual wrestling matches.  I wonder why my furniture is trashed?????

 And this little one simply could not wait until school started back up!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hartvigsen Reunion 2014

I love love love the Hartvigsen reunion!  I look forward to it all year!
I love Hobble Creek Canyon and I love Kelly's Grove.
Pictured left to right are:  Addie Hanks - Jett Hanks - Riley Lindberg - Molly - Mailae Tahi - Emmalyn Lindberg and in back are Hallie Hanks and Sidney.

This year we rented a trailer and camped.  My mom stayed with us and it was the most fun reunion that I've had probably since I was a kid!  I simply cant wait until next year!  We are going to camp again next year too!  My kids loved it, Jeff loved it, my mom loved it!  We backed the trailer up next to the creek and under the trees.  It was perfect!  Chris and Stacey (Peterson) Hanks camped next to us and the kids had so much fun.

 The kids played in the river everyday all day just like I used to do when I was a kid.

 Cade reached in with his bare hands and caught a fish!  He was so super excited!!!

On Saturday afternoon we had our annual pot luck lunch.  Each year we have around 200 people that come for the lunch.

Front row pictured left to right: Pat Gee - Jessie Hartvigsen - Linda Gee - Boyd Gee
Back row pictured left to right: Gloria - Clara Jane Woodhouse - one of the Sipple boys (marda's grandson) - Marda Mendenhall - Bob Sandstrom 

 My mom and Janie

Sandy Neilson and Cheryl Gee cooling off in the creek.

Sidney and Hallie

Mandy -Roze - Haislee - Lauren