Saturday, May 16, 2015

Miss Molly gets baptized

Saturday, May 2, 2015
I can't believe that my baby is 8!  
Where has the time gone?  I took her out to this apple orchard that is up the road from our house to take her pictures.  They turned out so pretty!

The sun was still a little too bright to take the orchard pics so we went to the Payson temple to take some.

When the sun was lower in the sky, we went back to the orchard to finish up.  She was in such a giggly mood and was posing in the funniest ways.

The moment the sun went down, she decided she was cold, hungry, and mad!  She was no longer in the giggly mood.  But her facials were cracking me up!  I just HAD to keep snapping pictures of her!

Me taking pictures of her angry only made her MORE angry!

I convinced her to just let me take a couple more and then we would be DONE! 
She tried to smile but I wouldn't budge.  So after taking one last "irritated" photo, she smiled from there on out.  

I glad she was happy and smiled at the end because some of these are my favorites.

But when she was done smiling - I HAD to be done taking them.

One of her best friends, Cambrie Peterson got baptized on the same day.  Molly and I went in and watched Cambrie get baptized and then it was our wards turn.  (Molly was the only one from our ward)  Molly & Cambrie's other best friends, Andrea Johnson and Brynn Bailey came to watch both of them get baptized.

It really was a special day.

JD turns the BIG 17!

The only thing JD wanted for his birthday was a Gamo pellet gun.

Big daddy delivered! 
 Mom thought, "sheesh! we should've spent the money on a real rifle."  
But Jensy is a happy camper with it.

Jens' Junior Prom

Jens took McKenna Scott to prom this year.  This is how he asked her.  I must say that I out did myself making this!  I think my minions from the movie Despicable Me turned out absolutely darling!

Prom was on Saturday, April 18, 2015

I also took his groups pictures.  They turned out beautifully!  I took them in the old Fritzi factory in SF.
He looked so handsome and his date was beautiful.

I took a boys group and a girls group picture.  
These boys cracked me up!  (mostly Cooper and Jens!)

Promenade was at SHHS

Sam Callister & Mariah Stansbury

Katiebug went with Mason Bigler

Cooper Smith & Sara Morley

Maddie Meuter & Riley Pierce

Anna Sorenson & Keyne Christensen

Garrett Parry & Kaylie Adams
(not in their group but they are our cute neighbors)