Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas 2015

What a great Christmas we had in our new home!  It was so nice to have mom and Vicky both here.  I  loved seeing them open their gifts and my kids open theirs and seeing the excitement on their faces with each gift.  

Molly was super excited to not only get a really cool doll house for her American Dolls, but she also got Grace Thomas, 2015 girl of the year.

Jens got outfitted in ASU gear and he got a nice watch and an iWatch too!

Jens surprised all the kids and me and Jeff.  He bought each of us a gift!  Everyone was so happy to open them up from him!  Cade was overjoyed with his new gun from him!

And Molly loved her Barbie from him.  Sidney got a cute sweater and some socks from him.

Cade got a mini iPad!

Sidney got the makeup she asked for.

Jens and Sid each got a letterman's jacket

Jens was thrilled with his new cowboy boots.

Molly crawled right inside her doll house to open up some of her gifts.

We also woke up to several new inches of snow.  Jeff got out the snowblower and had a good ol' time plowing the driveway.

Poor guy, the wind was blowing and it was spraying back on him.  He looked frozen!

The kids had fun playing with all their new stuff!

Jens gave Jeff a new hat and me a watch and necklace.  It was so sweet of him!

Vicky and grandma both got new clothes.

My mom gave me my great grandma Cazier's quilt that she had made.  I loved it!

We gave Vicky two tickets to Bristol Motor Speedway and two roundtrip airfare tickets to Bristol, TN.  It's something that has been on her bucket list and she started to cry she was so happy.  It was the best moment ever!

Jeff and Sidney exhausted after the day, somehow ended up in this position and fell asleep!  I don't even see how that could possibly be comfortable.  It was a great holiday.