Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Southern Carribbean Cruise

We went on a 7 day cruise to the Southern Carribbean. We stopped at Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Croix and Antigua. We had a blast!

We also spent 3 days in Puerto Rico (we ported out of Puerto Rico and ended up staying there a few days). While there, we went to church and ran into a friend from high school. Jackie Richardson and her husband, who are living there. Her husband is in the FBI and works in San Juan.

We toured an old Spanish fort in San Juan. It was really neat to go through. It had underground tunnels and dungeons.

We hiked thourgh a rain forrest in ...... gosh, I can't remember. One of the islands. They are all running together now in my mind.

I do remember where this was....! In St. Lucia! It was a beautiful island! We took a boat tour around half of the island. Got out and then took a taxi up the mountain to a volcano. Then we went down the mountain a bit to a waterfall. We got in it and it felt GREAT! The water was cool and refreshing. Then we went all the way back down and got back in the boat and it took us to this beach where we had lunch and just basically parked our butts in the sand.
The mountain we drove up....
The volcano....
The waterfall....
This was in Antigua. We rented wave runners and it was so much fun. We spent the day at the beach and playing in the water.
This church was in Barbados. It is an Anglican church and it was built in 1628. It is the oldest church in Barbados.
The grounds surrounding the church had graves in it. They were soooo old. They were cool to see.
This pew was in the front row and had this plate on it. Kinda neat. This beach was also in Barbados. It is called Cutters Beach. It was so beautiful.
One of my favorite parts of cruising is the amazing sunsets that you get to watch. All in all, we had a great time and made a lot of new friends.
To all you people out there who make it sooo dang memorable! (I'm sure I'm going to Hell one day for being so mean) For this chick who thought she had a bikini body......and in a squatting position none the less! Thank you for helping me remember that I was on Dawn Beach in St. Maarten!
And thank you for picking your melvin after you stood up.

And for this man in his wife beater mesh tank top and these Vegas print style shorts and shirt. I thank you for helping me remember the waterfall that we stood in to cool down in in St. Lucia.
And to this woman in Barbados. (the old lady on the left) I THANK YOU FOR HAVING NO BOOBS! Yet you still felt as though you could wear a strapless bikini. You have NO IDEA how memorable you made my lunch!
I especially love this picture because she is smiling at the camera!
And I couldn't do this post without paying credit to some past cruise memorables! One of my favorites ............... Sasquatch! (at least that's what we nicknamed her). I could not get over her yellow bikini with her black underwear on underneath. In loafers. I loved watching her walk around the ship for a week.

Jeff and I have been on 7 cruises and you people have never let me down!
T H A N K Y O U!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I had been gone to a meeting tonight for a couple of hours and when I came home, here was Sidney, sitting at the counter doing her homework with GIANT boobs! I had to take a picutre because they look so funny. I came downstairs to download it and found more pictures.......
I think that Jensy had a little too much fun dressing up as a lunch lady for Halloween and thought this time he'd try......... some other lady.

Cade wanted a hunchback with boobs......

Then Jens had to have biceps

and a BUTT!

I don't even know who took this picture. I guess it was Cade.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I was a witch, Jens was a lunch lady, Molly a witch, Jeff a whoppie cushion, Sid a Southern Belle and Cade was a skeleton.

Look at him! He has this ridiculous pose and everything! He decided to be a lunch lady so we made him a pretty cute one. He looked at himself in the mirror after he was all dolled up with his makeup and hair net on and everything and said, "Wow! You know, I make a pretty cute girl!" I said, "Well son, sorry to burst your bubble, but if I were a boy, I just wouldn't have a crush on you." He said, "Oh I totally would! I am one cute girl!"

My pretty little Southern Belle

Cade wants desperately to be a bloody, gory, scary, ugly creature every year. And every year I say something like, No, instead you're going to be a cute little bear instead. Or no, you're going to be a cute little giraffe. Last year I let him be Captain Jack Sparrow and he was happy with that. This year he either wanted to be IT from Stephen Kings IT (you know that creepy clown - and for the record, he has never seen the movie, he just likes the mask) or the Skeleton with the Scream movie mask. You know the one with the blood that runs down it? It's so gross. I hate it. So we settled for this one. We were both happy.

My little Miss Molly was a witch. She had a cute little black cat press on tattoo on her cheek and she looked adorable.

Molly and Cade with some of their cousins

Sid with her cousins Katelyn (the Halloween Queen) and Avery (the witch)

Jens with his cousin Jaxon (the --whatever that mask is) and his friend Cooper (the football player)

Can you believe how much candy! We are all going to have sugar problems and weigh 300 pounds!


The other night Jens came walking into my bathroom looking like this. --"What the hell are you wearing???" was my first thought. He had put on a wig, done his makeup HIMSELF with my costume make up and had on Sidney's pajamas.

Molly is forever getting into my makeup drawer. She and Alivia put it on this night. I caught them, told them not to move a muscle, ran got my camera, took some pictures, made them smile in them....then scolded them for getting into my make up yet again! Had to get the picture first though!

Look at the amount of lip gloss Alivia has on her lips.... yuck!

Molly puts this mascara on her eyeBROWS and then comes out and says, "I'n (with an N) so pwetty!" I can't help but let her wear it around for a while, even if she is giving herself a uni-brow.