Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We Walked Away With Our Tail Between Our Legs

Last Saturday morning (April 17th) Jens had a couple of baseball games. The first game was an absolute disaster. We were short players because of different reasons and we didn't know that we would be short until just before the game. So we only had 8 players. We got killed. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Jeff letting the boys have it. Error after error after error.........like I said before, I don't want to talk about it. Their second game of the day was much better. They happened to play a team that I cannot stand! I can't take their coach! All our players were there then and we beat the team we played. The coach was mad and he threw his water bottle so hard on the ground that it bounced up on top of the dugout, he chucked his cell phone into the fence, he ripped a bag of sunflower seeds really hard and they went flying all over......oh how I wish I could have been there to take pictures of him acting like an idiot!

Utah Dance Fest

After Jens' first game, Sidney and I took off for a dance competition in Logan. (last Saturday) I have not been to Logan for a few years. I was amazed at how much it has grown. We had a fun day together. Sidney is in the middle back row.

Sidney is the taller one in the middle

Sidney is the one on the back row right side.

Sidney is the one on the front row right side.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Eggs Anyone???

I love love love Easter!!! It is my most FAVORITE holiday. Sure Christmas is wonderful and Halloween is fun but Easter takes the cake! I finally got around to having my party last night. I did it so late after Easter this year that I didn't invite as many people as I have before and I did it a little smaller but it was still FABULOUS! Even though I invited less people, I ended up with more eggs than I ever have. Drum roll please....................1,618 eggs! Can you believe how ridiculously many eggs that is? It took me and 9 other people a little under 5 hours to fill them, it took 9 of us about 30 minutes to lay them out and about 3 minutes to have them all picked up!

I had 15 prizes. (there was also a giant chocolate bunny that I don't have pictured) The kids had little papers in their eggs that told them they could pick a prize.

The 34 kids that were hunting -- Who am I kidding! Like anyone had to "hunt"!

Then we had a pot luck dinner after the hunt. Everyone brought delicious salads and desserts. I ordered meat from Lons Smokehouse BBQ. Beef brisket and pulled pork with their BBQ sauce. It was too good! This is one of my favorite parties!

Easter 2010

We stayed at our house down south for the week after Jens' ball tournament because the kids had spring break. We had Easter there. A couple of kids that play on Jens' team were staying with us so it was one big Easter morning!

We also had several friends that were spending the week down there as well, so we had everyone over for a BBQ and an egg hunt. Jeff started out bar-b-queuing the burgers and they were so hard and way OVER cooked. You had to cut through them with a steak knife. So he turned the job over to Scott. Then they were way UNDER cooked and bloody still. You had to nuke them in the microwave to keep yourself from getting ecoli. I figured I would just play it safe and stick with the salads.

After lunch, we had a little egg hunt. Jeff had hid $120 in eggs. We had enough eggs for each kid to get only 4 eggs. Well, 1 egg came up missing even before the hunt started. I know this only because I had been looking at it in the tree for a while and suddenly it was gone. I also know that it was a $10 egg. We started questioning all the kids and trying to get them to confess who had taken it. Well after much questioning and Jeff telling the kids that the egg hunt was off........little Tyler finally says, "All right! Fine! I took it!" We all follow him out to the back of Scott and Jodi's truck and he pulls out 8 eggs! That little stink! He didn't even know how much money was in them either, he just wanted them! Funny thing is though is that he didn't have the one green $10 egg that was in the tree. We ended up doing the hunt without it and we never did find it.

All the kids - minus Molly and Matea, with their money that they won.

After we got home, Grandma Julie and Grandpa Duane had their party. We had a nice BBQ and another egg hunt.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I don't care how cheesy their blog is..... no family is perfect!

You know how sometimes you read people's blogs and it just sounds like everything in their world is soooo grand and wonderful? They have a blissful marriage, their children are perfect, their house is wonderful, blah, blah, blah! Well -- my family is definitely NOT perfect! We do go to church every Sunday. My husband is in the bishopric. I am in the Primary Presidency. But we cuss. A lot. So this little story is about my 2 year old swearing.

The night before last I was suffering from a chest cold. I had taken a couple of NyQuil and was totally dead to the world. Jeff was in Spain and I was so sound asleep. I finally woke to Molly crying. By the time I could see the clock ( 2:30ish am) I staggered out of bed and made my way into the main bathroom. Lights were on (which blinded me), Molly was going potty and she was arguing with Sidney because she didn't want her to wipe her. She wanted me to do it. (my head is spinning) I wipe her, pull her jamies back up and head her back into her bedroom. (which way is her bedroom again? left or right when I exit the bathroom? I'm delirious.) The next morning Sidney tells me about a little conversation that she had with Molly. Apparently she needed to go potty and Sidney wouldn't wake up to take her. (she was sound asleep too I guess) After she had tried to wake her for a bit but to no avail, she yelled, "Sidney! Get your damn ass out of bed now and take me to da baf-room before I pee my pants!" Sid woke up then! Poor baby, she has totally dysfunctional parents.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I love April Fools jokes .... well, most of them

I put this funny man in my in laws closet. Would this not totally scare you if you happened to just open the door and see him?! I love having April Fools Day! My mother in law came home from work and saw him and it scared her. She left him there for my father in law to later find, which he did and got scared too. They then moved him into their formal living room for me to pick up and went to bed. That night in the middle of the night, my mother in law couldn't sleep so she got up and wandered around and happened to go into the living room - forgetting that he was in there. She got scared again. So she moved him into the spare bedroom and put him in the crib. Later that next day, my sister in law Jessica came over and went to put her baby Peyton down in the crib. She walked in and about had a heart attack when she saw this man in the crib! So funny!
However the April Fool's Day jokes I don't like are when Mother Nature plays hers . I was seriously so mad when I woke up and saw this sight!