Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sidney's State Cheer Breakfast and Competition

January 21, 2017
Jeff and I had the cheer team over for breakfast again this year before they left for state.  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the food laid out before the girls starting eating but I didn't.  We had a waffle bar with syrup, Nutella, Biscoff, Peanut Butter, fruit topping whipped cream and powdered sugar to put on the waffles.  We also had bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, muffins, cinnamon rolls, fruit and yogurt.  Then we had milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, Diet Coke and water!

I love hosting this breakfast for them!

Their competition was held up at Salt Lake Community College.  These girls performed their little hearts out and pulled off a flawless routine.  But we only ended up taking 4th place which was a bummer because we should've taken 1st or 2nd for sure!  Our only real contender was Woods Cross and they took 1st.  Somehow, through a few mistakes and drops, Bountiful took 2nd and Skyridge took 3rd.  It's so buggy.  No I'm not a sore loser but our routine truly was technically difficult and flawless.  I don't get it.

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