Wednesday, February 1, 2017

58th Presidential Inauguration of our 45th President!

Jeff and I were able to check something off of his bucket list -  a Presidential Inauguration!
My cousin Gloria's son Billy was someone on Trumps election committee and he was also on the inauguration committee.  We were able to get tickets through him!
We flew out and stayed in Delaware with our friends Tim and Kristin Fowles.  We took a short 1 hour 30 minute train ride into DC.  The city was crazy with security.  A ton of the roads were shut down and businesses closed.  No cabs, no uber, no subways in or around the capitol.  You had to walk everywhere---which would have been no big deal but you couldn't even walk in a straight path.  This road was closed and that road was closed.  It was like walking through a maze pattern to get anywhere.  Jeff and I walked about 12 miles that day.  But it was still super neat to be there in person and feel the energy!

After the swearing in took place, we walked down Pennsylvania Avenue and waited 2 HOURS for the parade to start.  then once it started, we watched it for another 2 more hours before leaving to go sit somewhere - ANYWHERE!  The paraded typically last 3-5 hours and this one lasted about 3 & 1/2 hours.  We happened to watch it by one of Trumps hotels.  We didn't know it at the time but apparently the plan was for him to get out of his car by his hotel and walk down toward the White House.  We got THE BEST video footage of him, Melania and their son Barron.  I also got great footage of Ivanka, her husband and kids and Vice President Pence.  It was awesome!

We took our picture in front of his hotel.  It was a beautiful building!  The day was a little drizzly.  Light sprinkles on and off.  Sometimes we would wear ponchos and sometimes we didn't have to.

The next day we went into Philadelphia to tour around.  What an awesome city!  Its someplace that I definitely want to go back to.  I really need to spend days there!  We went and saw the LDS Temple, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  We didn't have enough time to wait to tour through Independence Hall so I need to go back to see that place too.  We went to a cool place called Redding Terminal.  It was just a giant hodge podge of eateries and trinket shopping.  We had lunch there and bought a Christmas ornament.

Inside Redding Terminal - which sits kind of under the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Funniest story ever!  Kristin to us to this super yummy cookie place in Redding Terminal.  (see the picture below)  There were cookies all lined up along the top and Jeff was telling the girl behind the counter what cookies he wanted.  He said, "I'll take 2 almond joy cookies - a chocolate chip cookie - 2 Reeses PENIS cookies - UH REESE PIECES COOKIES - a peanut butter cookie......."  I said, "UHHH, did you just say...?"  and he said matter of factly, "Yes I did.  I sure did."  We all busted up laughing!  Including the girl behind the counter and the man waiting in line behind us!  It was funny!


What a super fun trip!

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